Fiesta 2013: Over-The-Top Visibility and Fun!!

Viva Fiesta!!  If you are from San Antonio, then you know to shout a resounding VIVA in response to this Fiesta cry!  Fiesta 2013 began with the laughter and color explosion of the Fiesta Ole Fashion Show this past Saturday!!

At this event, you meet the official Fiesta Fashion Designer, Graciela; get to shop all Fiesta fashion; meet Fiesta Royalty; laugh; and dance.  It is hosted by our wonderful Pan American League of Ladies who also provide a pinata-full of social services for the community!

Today, I wanted to introduce you to the most visible, colorful side of Fiesta attire.  Then, hopefully you will look forward this week to:
Tuesday – Another post for Generation Fabulous
Wednesday – Salsa the Runway with Designs by Graciela
Thursday – Fiesta Accessories in all their Glory
Friday – The Neutrals of Fiesta
I hope you will enjoy this line up of fashion fun from our beautiful, multi-cultural city!!

Have a fabulous Monday, everyone!  Make sure you visit the fun group of VISIBLE MONDAY!! and MONDAY MINGLE!!
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  1. Yes, yes, yes! This is right up my line…I love all the color and textures! I wish my sister still lived in San Antonio – I'd come check out this most interesting event and wear my hot pink Mexican wedding dress!

  2. Oh Fiesta! How fun, I miss San Antonio. I could use a trip there right now, let me tell you. I love the colors in everyone's outfits! XO, Jill

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