Tunics, Tunics, Tunics!!

Just a couple of years ago, my co-workers scoffed at wearing
tunics to work.
  The thought of wearing
leggings, skinny jeans, or ankle pants with a tunic was even more out of the
question (to work or anywhere else).  These are women from 45-70,
and I have watched many of them change their ways.

Tunics are currently popular with this age group.  They love the looks from a chic, white tunic
to the fun prints.  A tunic
top is a great way to look your best… casual and fashionable.  Some of you may remember I went to a baby
shower in February and wrote the majority of moms and grandmas were wearing
tunic tops…my favorite was on a seventy-something great grandma in a ecru lace tunic with brown leggings and a headband!

Now, I am planning to spend a week in Chicago with my
husband the first of June and I find myself looking to take more and more tunic
styles.  This no-iron from Foxcroft Collection is
perfect.  This just might be my first
day, shopping outfit.  Find this tunic HERE.
But, if you are planning to purchase a couple of tunic tops,
buy quickly…they are going fast on many of my favorite sites.  I also highly recommend you buy NO-IRON….the
longer length can wrinkle very easily if you do a lot of getting up and down.

Windy City, get ready, I am getting prepared to blow into town!!

Leather purse was purchased last week at a Fiesta vendor
Coldwater Creek Leggings
I hope all of you will have a wonderful MONDAY, and will
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  1. DVF scarf for fifty cents at a yard sale? (I would be giddy with delight.)

    And nothing beats the chic of a crisp white blouse in almost any combination!

  2. You are wearing exactly what Rosemary Brantley, the chair of the OTIS Fashion Dept, has been wearing since the 80s! Well, maybe the trousers have changed, but always a crisp, white, oversized shirt, slim pants, ballet flats. Isn't it Audrey's "Funny Face" look too? You're in chic company!
    I could never pull it off. White and I are not friends. I'm too messy!

  3. Isn't it the most perfect outfit? I have yet to find the right shirt (i.e. one long enough to cover my butt), but I wear them with longer sweaters and such. I kinda regret giving my mom the silk tunic I bought at an estate sale a few weeks ago. Oh well, she looks really nice in it and I can always borrow it 🙂

  4. Oh, also, I wanted to thank you for driving so much traffic to my blog! I've met so many wonderful bloggers via your blog 🙂 You've created a wonderful community here 🙂

  5. We are channeling each other this week with the tunics! Also my favourite item for summer….I collect them. Just sealed the deal on another off of Ebay…..I'm not addicted….really….I can stop any time…….

  6. I love seeing tunics make a big comeback, Pam. Your look here is so fresh and will be perfect for any event. Great bag too! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xoxo

  7. Your white tunic looks so crisp and chic, and the leopard print flats give this ensemble that special touch. Have a great time in the Windy City, and blow a few photos our way!

  8. Pam a very pulled together look! The combinations are endless with just tops, leggings, or slim jeans and accessories!

    PS I am having a Paris Book Giveaway!
    All the Best

  9. I'm right behind you on the tunic front! No worrying about a tight waist or a few extra pounds. That's a good tip about getting a no-iron version – thanks!

  10. This is a great simple outfit. I had the same attitude as you regarding tunics…but I've recently purchased one and I think it will be fun to wear during the hot summer with leggings!

  11. I love the tunic you are wearing but it looks different from the one that comes up when I click the link. The one on the site has a rounded bottom hem. Are they the same tunic?

  12. This looks great on you! Tunics are my favorite top by far. I wish I could find more variety… I think I have six white ones right now. Have a great week!

  13. I am right there with you… I am loving tunics for their go to uniform ease! You have reminded me I have some white ones in my closet that need to be brought out! Thanks for the inspiration Pam!

  14. Such a great look Pam. And just let me say that you are looking fabulous! I know you will enjoy your week in Chicago. There is so much to see and do there. I will be visiting our son and his family only 1.5 hours to the east in Indiana. I am having to pack for a six-week trip and a seasonal change. Not an easy task.

  15. I'm hooked on the scarf you found.Thrifting paradise.It's funny how we influence our friends and co workers with their style choices!

  16. You look polished and put together, no question and I am sure you are comfy which is of course the KEY to it all!

    I however can't fathom spending $88 for a shirt!! I'm so cheap. Perhaps I will go thrifting and see what I can find, because I really, really love this look.


  17. Oh, found you through another friend's blog and so glad I did. I love leggings and tunics and never thought I'd be caught in them. But, tastefully done, I feel they are just fine for we older women. I love Foxcroft and have several of their tops. Happy week and do stop by when you get a chance.

  18. I love the crisp white shirt and don't even think of it as a traditional tunic
    I have a thing about not wearing tunics because my mom wears them all the time LOL

  19. You look terrific and chic in your white tunic, leggings and flats. Interestingly enough this was my statement look back in the late 80's. I didn't realize how this style has transcended to this era. I will revisit this look. Found you via Visible Monday.


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