Just a couple of years ago, my co-workers scoffed at wearing
tunics to work.
  The thought of wearing
leggings, skinny jeans, or ankle pants with a tunic was even more out of the
question (to work or anywhere else).  These are women from 45-70,
and I have watched many of them change their ways.

Tunics are currently popular with this age group.  They love the looks from a chic, white tunic
to the fun prints.  A tunic
top is a great way to look your best… casual and fashionable.  Some of you may remember I went to a baby
shower in February and wrote the majority of moms and grandmas were wearing
tunic tops…my favorite was on a seventy-something great grandma in a ecru lace tunic with brown leggings and a headband!

Now, I am planning to spend a week in Chicago with my
husband the first of June and I find myself looking to take more and more tunic
styles.  This no-iron from Foxcroft Collection is
perfect.  This just might be my first
day, shopping outfit.  Find this tunic HERE.
But, if you are planning to purchase a couple of tunic tops,
buy quickly…they are going fast on many of my favorite sites.  I also highly recommend you buy NO-IRON….the
longer length can wrinkle very easily if you do a lot of getting up and down.

Windy City, get ready, I am getting prepared to blow into town!!

Leather purse was purchased last week at a Fiesta vendor
Coldwater Creek Leggings
I hope all of you will have a wonderful MONDAY, and will
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