Yes, these are illustrations of the original girlfriends of Ringo, Paul, John, and George…so, what does that have to do with my hair…you will have to go HERE at Generation Fabulous to find out!!

It’s been quite a journey with my hair, and here is what the wonderful, NINA FORREST from Monday’s POST told me about her hair,

 (FYI, I decided to go gray a number of years ago because I just got tired of the coloring process. My daughter and hairdresser said it would make me look “older” and I decided if that were the case, I really didn’t care. When it finally turned completely gray, everyone loved it and when I went to my high school reunion, a number of classmates told me they liked my hair so much, they were going to do the same thing. Now I also color it purple in the front and get “I love your purple hair” wherever I go!)

  That’s how one fabulous women sees it! Please read the post and tell me what you think!  Have a wonderful Tuesday, all!!

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