A Fabulous Giveaway and More Chicago!!

Aren’t these earrings great?  They are my current favorites…sent to me from designer Shaune Bazner…and you can win a pair!!

But, you also must know these are the most comfortable clip-ons, I have ever worn!

I have a ripped ear from my 20s…I actually ripped it in New York..from wearing heavy earrings. So I constantly search for comfortable, fashionable clip-ons.  These are by far the best! I am not embellishing this…they DO NOT HURT and they stay on!! I stand by it!

I will draw a name on June 14 to win a pair from Shaune Brazner…just look over the line HERE.  These are the rules:

1. You must be a follower of over50feeling40
2. Like Shaune Brazer on FACEBOOK 
3. Make sure you leave an email in your comment below.

For extra entries, you can tweet or Facebook the contest! Or follower the designer on PINTEREST.

Next, I hope you will visit the bloggers from KATIE’S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP!!  Then you can enjoy a few more images from Chicago!

The first picture is from Nordstrom.  I love the second picture because it shows what my husband loves about Chicago (Jazz) and what I love about it (Fashion).
Below, I saw black and white stripes everywhere…in pants, purses, blouses, and jackets.  A big current trend.

Have a wonderful Thursday…more Chicago later!


  1. Oh, yum! I love the Weber Grill for breakfast and Joe's for lunch. Key lime pie at the latter is SO GOOD! Have fun!

  2. Glad you are having fun!! I've never been to Chicago so thank you for giving me a glimpse. Oh, Pam, I could never wear clip ons – so painful. The things we do for beauty, huh? xo

  3. I so love Chicago! I lived there in the '60s (wasn't that a time?!) I love the earrings, but clip-ons & comfort just don't seem to go together for me!

  4. I wear nothing but clip-ons because I never liked a whole in my ear when not wearing an earring. If well made, they can be very comfortable. Most of my earrings are precious metals and stones, and I wear them all day.

  5. LADIES….I AM NOT EMBELLISHING OR LYING…THESE CLIP ONS DO NOT HURT! I have worn them all day and they don't hurt nor have they fallen off while trying on clothes…they are amazing! I feel very comfortable telling you this and standing by it!!

  6. so very happy to see others who also wear clip-ons, solely. I never had the nerve to get my ears pierced. ;o) I wear the same four pair — because it IS so hard to find comfortable earrings.

  7. I LOVE Chicago (not just because my daughter lives there. ;o) I love the vast variety of good restaurants, and of course the shopping is phenomenal. There is always some kind of music festival (or broadway play) going on.
    (too bad so many of the grande old department stores are now closed)

    Happy to see others who wear clip-on earrings, solely. I never had the nerve to get ears pierced. I consistently wear 4 pair of earrings, because it IS so very hard to find earrings that do NOT hurt after about 1-hour of wearing.

    Love your blog — keep up the good work.

  8. It's so hard to find stylish clip-ons, and comfortable ones are even rarer! (And how awesome to get to meet and visit with Janice.)

  9. a giveaway! squeal… count me in ( you know I follow xo) I love seeing your happy memory making from Chicago. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop and for sharing the hop with your readers every week too xo

  10. Will def have to try these earrings even if I don't win. Do follow this blog and have followed Shaune on Facebook and Pinterest.

    eclectic44 at gmail dot com.

  11. Love this so much! My daughter and I were Just talking about wearing clip earrings and how to get some really awesome ones. These look divine and would love them. debfrost2 at gmail dot com.

  12. Just found this great blog today!
    Next time you visit the Midwest, swing by Detroit! We are rather wonderful, too.
    Email: rooey204 at gmail dot com

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