When I packed for Chicago recently, I made one grave mistake…I packed shoes with fashion in mind more than comfort.  When I returned to Texas, my dogs were barking!  I am the first to admit that you can find shoes which fulfill both needs…fashion and comfort.  I just did not take that into consideration when packing.    FAMOUS FOOTWEAR, a leading footwear retailer with over 1,000 stores nation-wide plus a large stock at Famous.com, carries all of my favorite beautiful-comfort brands such as boc (Born Concept), Aerosoles, Dr. Scholls, Lifestride, and Naturalizer.
Famous Footwear recently sent me the beautiful CHAMPAGNE LEATHER SANDALS BY b.o.c BY BORN I am wearing in the picture above (so wish I had had them in Chicago) and also sent along these thoughts for vacation footwear:

“For starters, when packing for yourself and the rest of the family, think about practicality and efficiency. This helps you look great without a ton of luggage!
If you’re planning a vacation, you’ll want to consider bringing one pair of vacation shoes in each of these categories:
– Sneakers for hiking, biking or heavy walking days
– Flip-flops for the beach or pool
– Versatile flats for shopping and sightseeing
– Dressy shoes which are still comfortable
When thinking about all family members:
-boys can get away with fewer pairs of shoes — perhaps just sneakers and flip-flops, depending on if your evenings will be dressy or not
-Men and girls can sometimes consolidate the last two categories into one”
 This helped me…I will prepare better next time…especially if visiting a city like Chicago where heavy walking is required.    Check out their summer line HERE.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

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