Lessons from Outside the Dressing Room

The mission after tea in Gruene? Find my friend Karen new warmer weather styles

First Stop:  Hillbilly Chic Boutique in Gruene

A youthful boutique, but we found some fashion-forward, age appropriate styles!

Yes, she bought this …super cute and only $22!

Now, for the rest of the story about lessons learned while shopping with Karen, just click HERE and you will go to Generation Fabulous!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!!  I’m in Chicago and should have stories for you soon!


  1. I've been topping up my summer wardrobe on a budget today! I just can't wear dresses with a waist anymore 🙁 but found a lovely denim crew dress at a thrift store for next to nothing!! X Love this coral top. X

  2. Wow, you did some awesome shopping and Karen looks fabo. I just noticed your Goodwill button on the sidebar. I'ma get that for my blog. I don't feel dressed if I'm not wearing something, no matter how small, from the GW Boutique and Salvation Armani 🙂

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