Three years and 885 posts later, I have learned so much about myself and my own style since beginning to blog.

I have experimented; stepped out of my comfort zone;and internalized what style books and other blogs say.  I have learned to enjoy how other women dress while understanding that their style is not necessarily my own. I have found joy in shopping at Goodwill and Saks Fifth Ave. all at the same time!
I have discovered joy and fun in diversity…it is the spice of life in fashion. But, I am more comfortable now as I enter my sixties than I have ever been with my style…and it is surprisingly simpler than I would have predicted it to be.  Oh, I still love color and accessories. But, I do find myself toning things down a bit from where I was three years ago. And you know what? I love it!  A look like what I am wearing today is still a very visible, confident Pam!!

Wardrobe consultant, Debbie Wright, writes of 5 tips to help us feel more positive and confident in our own skin:
1. Dress For Who You Are Today and How You Look Today (This is very important for me as I work hard to finally win over a healthy lifestyle. I need to keep things positive and hopeful by looking my best each day!)

2. Accentuate the Best Body Feature You Have with Clothing ( This is why I wear these skinny pants)

3. Every Season get fitted and purchase a good quality properly fitting bra (Yes, you will be amazed at the results…people will say you lost weight!)

4. Stay Polished and always wear flattering accessories.  Accessories offer a way to express your individuality.  (I have hit the shoe sales big this summer…but I find this is a great way to individualize a look!)

5.  You Can Shop Anywhere….(Like I said, from Goodwill to Saks Fifth Ave….be open and shop in many places)

I also agree with her when she writes, “When you respect yourself, others will respect you in return.”  Oh, yeah!

The outfit:
Blouse, Necklace, Watch: Chicos
Leggings: Coldwater Creek
Shoes: Bloomingdales
Have a fabulous Monday everyone!!  Now, please go visit the fashion forward bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY!  and MONDAY MINGLE!!

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