Every now and then,
she walks through my mind…
Capable, determined,
Dressed in designer
clothes and killer heels….
Some weeks traveling on as many
as ten flights per week to powerful cities…
There I was in my twenties rocking the professional
world.  But, at 31 years of age, a CPA
would capture my heart and take me to a new place where three children and
homemaking awaited.  Again, let me say, I
have no regrets about leaving my career to go to the home front; however, I do
regret I placed me in a corner and forgot I was important. 

 Everyone received my attention…children,
students, home….just not me.  When I
looked in the mirror each day and grimaced, I believed I did not have the time
to deal with the image.  Negative
comments from family only reinforced my desire to hide and be invisible.  I began to believe I could not measure up…so,
why try.

Then one day….something snapped.  I picked up my new driver’s license at the
mailbox…you know, the renewal/money grab they require when one turns
fifty.   For some reason, the picture
struck me.  Who was this woman?  It was as if I saw her for the first
time.  She was so sad to me…aging and not
caring one bit. Plain, vanilla, old.
That was the day, ten years ago, my reinvention began.  Since then, I have been on a path to look
better, feel better, and enjoy every single, blessed day of life.  New haircut and color…new makeup…healthier
eating and living…wardrobe upgrade (Let’s face it, when all you wear are men’s
over-sized polos and your mother-in-law’s hand-me-down jean shorts, anything is
an upgrade)…pedicures…facials…pampering just for me…and I do not feel one bit
of guilt over it, like I might have when my children were younger.
With each day of seeing a more vibrant and polished image in
the mirror, my confidence and joy returned a hundred fold.  This was when I began to help other women
around me do the same…which led to my best friend recommending
three years ago I write a blog.  For a
writer, blogging is water to a parched land. 

I have become a new transformer toy. Slowly changing from
a frumpy, invisible high school teacher and mom, to a fabulous, confident
fashion and lifestyle blogger and writer!! 
At sixty, seriously??   Yes, and
what is even better is that as a blogger, I have met so many amazing women who
also have reinvented themselves later in life.

Fashion designers…jewelry designers…business owners…a doll
maker…life coaches…authors…fashion models…actresses…so many from the Baby Boom
generation who have said, I AM NOT DONE YET!! And I am now going to pursue and
do what I love!!  It takes patience,
diligence, desire to learn, creativity, and perseverance.   Yes, reinvention can be achieved.  
Women like fashion designer, Camilla Olsen, who was a scientist!
All of the spunk of that twenty-something professional is
still deep inside…now she looks great in fashionable flats and cool
styles…maybe she doesn’t travel as much…but she is still rockin’ her world. And
there really are days when she feels a little like Clark Kent becoming Superman.  All you need is a phone booth,
and to know…
All things are possible…just believe!

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