Hello, everyone…are you enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend??  It turned out to be busier than I originally anticipated.  

My BFF, Gigi, was back in town to pack up her house since they have a buyer and the transition to another city is almost complete.  We packed boxes for hours, drank wine, and laughed.  I miss her so much.  Teaching has not been the same without her there to share experiences. 

And my silver-haired Mr. B went back to college last week to work toward an MBA!  In the first class, each student was asked to stand, introduce themselves and tell why they were there.  The young man in the row before Mr. B (could not see him behind) stood, said his name and remarked, “I am here to get ready to move those baby boomers out of the way.”

When it was his turn, Mr. B introduced himself, smiled, and said, “I am one of those baby boomers and I am not moving any where just yet.”  He received applause…and the other young man shouted, “My apologizes to the Baby Boomers.”

That’s right….we aren’t going anywhere just yet!

By now, you know how much I like to wear black, and I am going to discuss this more on Tuesday.  But, this outfit also represents the return of wearing clothes which are a closer fit to my body…YES, the weight training is beginning to pay off in small ways.  I know it takes courage sometimes to wear the closer fits for us larger ladies, but it feels great…just try it!

Travelers Jacket and Tank: CHICO’S
Black Genius Fit Jeans: LANE BRYANT
Bracelet: STEIN MART
Red belt: KOHLS

Also, go to the top of the sidebar and register to win a pair of Coldwater Creek jeans!!  Winner announced on Thursday!

And, finally, I am linking up with MONDAY MINGLE  and with VERIZON FASHIONISTAS!!

Now, enjoy what’s left of your holiday!!

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