Happy Saturday, everyone!  What weekend plans do you have? Our main goal is to get my daughter’s family out of our house and into their new one.  All renovations are done and all of us are ready to make the move!  It has been difficult the last three months, but we have persevered through.

 A couple of days ago a sweet woman I know told me she really does not wear accessories because she is allergic to all metals.  While I know that must be difficult, it made me think of all the fun accessories which do not include metal.

I love to take small scarfs and make them into bracelets like you see here.  My Diane Von Furstenberg scarf was actually found at a yard sale for fifty cents!  Score!

It seems with plastic, wood, beads, materials, leather, etc.  there are many fun ways to step up a look.  I hope this might get some inspiration going.  Does anyone else have a metal allergy? Any more ideas?

You guys are the best…have a wonderful Saturday!!

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