You might recall that I have been assisting my daughter with moving from our home into her new home with her family.  Moving is NOT a time when we normally dress up…in fact, for days we have been at our grungiest.

So, off we went to Walmart to pick up some needed items. While there we went (of course) to the baby department…every boy needs an Elmo!

That was where we met her…she was dressed impeccably…quality clothes, each hair in place, beautiful make up…and blocking the entire aisle. We stood there for a moment and then I encouraged my daughter to slide on by and get our purchase.  I have not been looked head to toe with that much disdain in a long time. Her nose was so out of joint and she continued to block the aisle until she was finished…these commoners would have to wait! 

Before I went through my makeover ten years ago, I would avoid people. My self esteem was so low, I did not want to speak with any strangers. But, after I began to dress and fix up, it brought me such joy, I started to be nicer and friendlier to all those around me.  I hope that is 
how it is with you .  Nice clothes and a great pedicure should not cause women to look down  on other women.  It is deplorable behavior to be ugly to someone who is not dressed as nice as you.  Let your appearance begin inside and radiate from within…accessorized with a smile and servant’s heart!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!! 

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