I just returned from one of the most fun…yet, frustrating evenings of my time as a blogger!

Tomorrow, San Antonio officially welcomes the opening of a new GOODWILL at Hwy.1604 and Bulverde Road…and it is 14,000 beautiful feet of pure fun!!

Tonight, local Goodwill bloggers were invited in for a preview before shoppers flood the store tomorrow morning!

It is gorgeous with beautiful glazed concrete floors; solar lights; rich neutral shades; and displays worthy of any top retail outlet.

Experienced store manager, Bobby, explained all of the research and development technology which will be used at this store and tested for others.

But, the most frustrating part??  We could not shop tonight!!  Oh, so hard to walk away…I am considering calling in sick tomorrow (just a joke!).

San Antonio, make sure you stop by on Saturday for the blogger workshops.  At 2:30, I will be discussing Fall Fashion Trends.  Hope you will join me!! (You will see me there shopping as well!)

Just remember all Goodwill does for our community. Every 14 seconds someone gets a job because of work done by Goodwill.

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