So happy to discover I am not the only one who hates rides!! Thanks for the comments in the last post.  Of course, one of the reasons many of us turn to fashion blogs is for inspiration!

I am old school in so many ways, and I still like to keep a book of plastic sheets full of looks I found in magazines I like.  Just marking these pages in a book I can quickly thumb through helps me…but I realize Pinterest is really the same concept!  Although, my book doesn’t go down when the Internet connection does!

Here is Elle MacPherson in an outfit I liked and kept in my book for several months.  My interpretation went this way:

Keep inspiration looks and revisit from time to time.  It does help to have a bank of ideas and mix things up a little bit!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Thursday Favorite Things

All clothing was purchased in the last one to two years:

Jacket and skinny jeans: Lane Bryant

Denim Shirt: Walmart

Leopard Flats: Elaine Turner 

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