I love to cook more during cooler months than any other time
of year.  It just seems right that our
home should be filled with spicy fragrances. 
But, actually any season is right for magic cookies. Yes, I am convinced these are
magic cookies.  They have healed so many
wounds…scraped knees, broken hearts, mean girl comments, lost football games,
math tests, fender benders, and just overall bad days.  They also celebrated victories…went on road
trips…appeared at camp grounds…and joined my children on school retreats.  They bring smiles…they are magic.
In fact, I think they mesmerized my husband into marrying me
in the first place once I began to bake and deliver cookies to his doorstep.  To this day, there are adult friends of my
children who stop by looking for these cookies.
I know there is nothing really magical about a Chocolate Chip
Cookie…but I tweaked and worked with this recipe to get it just right….to bring on the power.  Maybe the magic comes from the specific
shortening details…or the dash of real vanilla…or the abundance of chips…but
wherever it hails from…there is definitely a warm fuzzy feeling with each bite.

Let’s begin…You will need one stick of real butter, and one stick of PARKAY, softened.  Do not change this!  There is something in the Parkay which makes a difference in taste and texture.  I have tried many combinations of shortenings and butter and this is by far the best one!

I am just happy they still sell Parkay!  

Next , mix together in a bowl, 2 1/4 cups of all purpose flour; one teaspoon of soda; and one teaspoon of salt! And set aside.

Cream the butter combination and add 3/4 cup of sugar and one cup of packed brown sugar…pack it to the top of the measuring cup!
Add, 2 eggs (1 egg if you want a thicker cookie) and one teaspoon of vanilla.

Add the flour mixture a little at a time until mixed well together.  Then add a small, 2 oz. package of chopped pecans (no nuts is fine)…Texas pecans are the best!  Mix well.

Another important difference…Add 18 ounces of NESTLE Chocolate Chips.  It just is not the same with another chocolate..Nestle is the best and make sure it is 18 ounces of chips!!  

Stir well, and then….

Watch the refrigerator carefully…dough seems to disappear easily.  Do not let girlfriends know it is there!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, and spoon cookies on to a cookie sheet.

Cook for about 10 minutes…we like our Magic Cookies slightly undercooked and chewy!

Viola!  They are ready…I quickly prepared them to go to my daughter’s house…not good to have them around on a diet!

If you think about it, a chocolate chip cookie represents
our life….that’s what I’ve taught my children…

Look at the individual ingredients which taste awful on
their own…
Raw Egg
Vanilla (smells so good, tastes kind of raunchy)
Then mix with individual ingredients which taste wonderful
Chocolate Chips
Brown Sugar

Think of it as mixing the bad days with the good days,
baking in some fire, and coming out with one wonderful life.  We are all one big chocolate chip cookie!

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