Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.  -Napoleon Hill 
This was to be my thirtieth post for Generation Fabulous…meaning I
have written there for thirty weeks…almost eight months.  But, last week, the founders of the website
went through a bit of restructuring
themselves.  Since I began blogging in
2010, I have witnessed many ventures come and go.
However, though I have only known these ladies for a short time, I
believe this bump in the road will lead to greater things.  The Generation Fabulous group will still be
around, and an exciting new group Midlife Boulevard will be up and going in
November.  Two places where midlife women
can find encouragement, refreshment, and inspiration.  I will let you know when my weekly posts are
online for Midlife Boulevard….I believe you will enjoy the reading offered
there.  One thing which became very
evident at the recent Blog Her Conference in Chicago was midlife women online
are a growing demographic and important for many brands.  This is a power group and we have as many
areas of interest as the huge mommy groups.  In the last week, I have seen midlife bloggers
who desire community in addition to building their own personal brands and a
brand for midlife women as a consumer group. These are the movers and shakers
fighting ageism at every turn, and ready to keep blazing trails for the younger
generations.  Then, on the flip side,
there are midlife bloggers who simply desire community and to learn and grow
from one another.  All midlife women
benefit from both visions.  Midlife
Boulevard will be that cutting edge place where women 45+ can go to tap into
the excitement the founders discovered in Chicago.  There are many exciting ideas on the horizon.  It will be an online experience just for us!

I will let you know what is happening and hopefully, you will want
to join us as we go forward…it takes patience, persistence, and perspiration…and
a lot of laughter on the side.  I want to
thank all of those involved with Generation Fabulous who helped to plant the
seeds for bigger dreams to grow.  
Now, I need to hear from YOU.  The weekly post I wrote included a mix of fashion, health, beauty and my journey working with a personal trainer.  So, are there other topics you would like for me to write about?  I welcome all suggestions!
Have a terrific Tuesday!!

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