8 Ways to Know You Are Irresistible

“You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40, irresistible for the rest of your life”…..Coco Chanel

Lunchtime at high school…
Typically I sit with about eight to ten teenagers…they talk…they text…they munch…I listen (and comment every now and then):
“The worst thing happened to me over the weekend!” (Trendy, upper income senior girl)
“You lost your phone?”
“No, I was coming out of the movie and a mom was going in with my same shirt on….she has great taste…but you know, that’s embarrassing!  I don’t think I can wear it anymore!”  (Every adult woman 30 and above becomes a mom, whether they are or not.)
“She probably thought it would make her feel younger or that she would own the room or something!”

Ouch!  Maybe we do purchase some outfits thinking these things.  I began to contemplate the phrase, “own the room.”  Soon after this, at a restaurant, I watched how women entered the room.  Something stood out to me immediately…owning the room had little to do with how they were dressed.  I saw some gorgeous clothes on women, I do not believe were irresistible….the clothes wore the woman, not the other way around.
The definition of irresistible is simple… “incapable of being resisted.”  We can easily resist a woman dressed in the most beautiful designer clothing or Manolo Blahniks if she scowls or looks down as she enters.
Irresistible is about
Eye Contact
Genuine Concern for Others

Walking into a room wearing all of this…we will own it…and who cares if a teenager sees us wearing the same shirt!

Have an irresistible Thursday!!

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  1. I am a new reader of your blog, and you are so inspiring. It's been challenging to find fashion/life commentary that is appropriate for a woman of 60 (who feels like 50). Owning the room – I've got that in my toolkit and it is amazing to feel the positive reactions in spite of my soft middle and eye crinkles and "platinum" streaks. – Nan

  2. Hi Nan, thanks so much for the comment! I think many of us have the soft middle, eye crinkles, and streaks (actually mine is a skunk that appears suddenly every month before my hair appt!!). But, I bet you have a killer smile! Wear it wherever you go…look in people's eyes when they talk…and you own that room! I am so happy your feedback has been positive…doesn't surprise me one bit!

  3. This is so true! And it's how I always thought of you…all these years, I always felt the outsider and always felt you "owned the room." Even more now – I see your strength and courage as we have gained wisdom. I continue to love reading your posts and cheering you on – on the sidelines! 🙂

  4. WOW, wow, WoW …. LOVE this Pam! You are so right! I see women with tons of fillers and surgery but zero confidence. Confidence, its the most attractive thing you can put on everyday! pippa

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