One week until Christmas, and we have so enjoyed cold
weather in South Texas this year!  This Jones of New York 
windowpane coat was a purchase I made almost four years
ago at Ross.  I still love the coat.  I think I have worn it every
year of this blog’s life!  The leather boots are also an older
at purchase Stein Mart!!
Since I am in an oldie-but-goodie mood…here is a poem I wrote in 
fifth grade celebrating the week before Christmas.  I must have 
been a little stinker…well, you might understand after you read
the poem:
Twas the week before Christmas
My heart was a flitter
A week to go on
Of being sweet and not bitter.
If I am bad
Then Santa might see
And on Christmas Day
??There’ll be nothing
For me
I’m usually sweet.
(But, not very much)
Again, there’s that cake
I was told not to touch.
When I cut that cake
I felt Santa’s eyes
So I blamed it on brother
I guess that was wise!
I’ll never forget
When I jumped on the bed,
My face wasn’t the only thing
That ended up red!
For me, being bad is just hard to resist
So, I’ll be good this week
And get half of my list!
Remember…fifth grade!  What is your favorite garment owned 
longer than three years??
Have a warm and toasty Wednesday, all!!

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