As you head out to parties over the next couple of weeks, consider honoring the hostess with a gift.  I have a few of my favorites here…ones I love and there is not financial compensation coming to me for these recommendations!  Of course, flowers are always welcome!

I absolutely love the Nest Diffusers!  The scents are amazing and long lasting!  You can find them at NORDSTROM, SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, BLOOMINGDALESSOFT SURROUNDINGS and SEPHORA.

TYLER CANDLES have the same impact with their wonderful scents and long lasting flame.

If you would like to bring a little bit of Texas to a friend, consider Pecan Pie from the NEW BRAUNFELS SMOKEHOUSE.  Actually, all of their selections are really good!

Also, San Antonio’s own Guenther House features Texas home cooking cuisine.  The PRESERVES make a great thank you gift…but again there are other tasty ideas on their website!  Their gravy mixes are amazing!

Of course, I love it when someone brings a wonderful bottle of wine! 
I had already written this post when I noticed Tish had also brought hostess ideas yesterday HERE…check out her ideas as well!

 What are some of your favorite hostess gifts??

Have a happy Friday everyone and enjoy the parties ahead!

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