Just Nothing Like Cashmere!

Boxes from England just have to be good…and this one was extra special!  Even the wrapping was beautiful…

But, the cashmere poncho inside from Catherine Robinson… exquisite.

Everything about Catherine says chic, and I am honored to wear her product!  I know I will wear it a lot!

Just visit her site HERE to see all she offers. Also, the sunglasses were sent to me from READERS.COM…they are actually bifocals and I really like them…I have needed some sunglasses for driving which were affordable.

Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone…may your bells jingle!


  1. Beautiful poncho, Pam! I just recently came across Catherine Robinson on Pinterest (which proves how inspirational and useful Pinterest is!). Lovely collection and obviously excellent quality.
    Yes, I do appreciate a beautiful wrapping 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. I've long admired Catherine's fabulous things. Quick question, did you have to pay import duty on the purchase?? I'd love to order one, but I've been slammed with exorbitant import fees on other purchases I've made from overseas. Looks fab on you!!

  3. I use to raise "Cashmere" goats in Central Oregon. They are delightful creatures that gave me many laughs!. I know how much you support thrifting…. my latest amazing thrift find is a carmel colored mid calf length 100% cashmere coat made in Switzerland for Neiman-Marcus for…..$40.00. That coat is now cuddling me in our recent fridgid weather!…. LOVE CASHMERE!
    -Celtic Lass_

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