I first saw this pin at Coldwater Creek a couple of weeks ago, but among my busyness, I did not take time to purchase it.  I kept thinking about how great it would look on my winter coats and ponchos…so I headed back to get one last week.

I am wearing one here on the poncho I reviewed in their holiday line.

When I arrived at the store, they told me all of these pins were sold out!

But, as I left, I saw one in the window. 

I love good service…and received it when the ladies happily crawled around mannequins to get the pin for me.  I do not know of any accessory I have received this many compliments on in a long time!!  So worth the crawl!
At a party last night, one lady told me she purchased this pin for her mother-in-law, but after seeing it on me, she decided to keep it for herself.  Sorry MIL!

There are a few holiday pins left online HERE, but this one is gone.  I learned a lesson about taking the time to buy something when I first see the potential in it!  And this is not your mother’s Christmas brooch!

Please join me later today when I show you what else went home with me from Coldwater Creek and I join other bloggers to show off our RED.

Have a joyful Sunday everyone!!

San Antonio, the wonderful service I received was from
the wonderful ladies at the Villages of Stone Oak, Coldwater Creek location!

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