Reminders of Heritage

Happy day after Christmas, everyone!  I hope those who celebrate had a special one!

Holiday time always reminds me to set aside all family crud and focus on the positives of heritage.  I happen to believe that all families have their dysfunctions…it is human nature.  But, we also have our positives….which are often forgotten.

These ornaments and stockings where made by my husband’s grandmother, Nanny.  She obviously handed down a legacy of creativity to our family.

His mother was very musical and a talented pianist.  He plays the guitar and has gifted those talents to our son.  This Christmas they played carols together for the first time.

His mother left our children her Christmas decorations.  In the past, this mountain-man Santa sat on her table.  I have given him a home in the forest on our mantle.

Touches of heritage remind my children who they are and where they came from.  Our house has those touches throughout, and I hope will follow them as they establish their own traditions. My mother left me with holiday recipes…I will share one with you soon….all of the food was delish…if I say so myself!!

What legacies do the holidays remind you of in your own family??

Have a wonderful day…and stay safe if you are braving the after-Christmas crowds!!

My mother was the one who started the Santas- around-the-world collection!


  1. So late catching up on my favorite blogs…. Lovely photograph of your grandson. It reminded me of the magic of Christmas. Thank you for your wonderful blog. Two of our children still live in Texas, so does part of me. All the best for 2014.

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