Meet Kim…a healthy midlife mother of four, school nurse, and dedicated to service.  As a nurse, Kim knows to care for her health; but, she also knows to care for the outsides as well.  She maintains a professional, stylish look despite her very busy lifestyle.  Working with other parents and teenagers during her workday, Kim has discovered how important her appearance is to calm those in her small clinic and give them confidence in her abilities.

As I have written before, when I woke up and really saw myself in the mirror (at age 50), my reflection was pretty sad.  Even more dismal was my trip into the closet.  As I lost myself during my mommy years, I obviously lost my way with wardrobe decisions.  There were many hand-me-downs from my mother and mother-in-law…you read that right.  In hindsight, I have to ask myself WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
I did not have a clue how to dress my overweight body.  In an attempt to hide it, my clothing choices were often oversized and drab.  Men’s sweatshirts and polos had their own section of the closet.  When I did dress up, I often selected old maternity clothes and over accessorized to the max.
She must be in there somewhere!

When I became a student of what to wear, I was fascinated with the fact that smaller clothes actually could make me look smaller.  For me at that point, it took so much courage to wear clothing which fit my body.  What a surprise when I stepped out of my comfort zone and discovered the experts knew what they were talking about!!
First, I had to accept the fact I could look fabulous with little money to budget for it.  Please remember as we begin to discuss my fashion journey…I am not talking about big dollars…it is possible to learn, apply, and be very wise with the expenditures.  When you learn how to dress for your body, you waste less as well.
The changes I made first in order to gain confidence were:
1.       I found a retailer with clothes which fit and flattered me. For me, this was Lane Bryant.  The clothes were quality, youthful, and stylish.  It took so much courage to walk in the door ten years ago…but I am so glad I did. Many retailers I visited really featured clothing I was attempting to get away from and kept me in the frumpy phase of life.  Thank you LB, for getting me started!
2.       I purchased several fitted jackets.  A great jacket with good seaming can take off the appearance of ten pounds!  I wore (and still wear) them with everything…jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses…you name it.
3.       I donated all of the hand-me-down denim and purchased great fitting, dark denim jeans.  The dark denim was more flattering and appropriate for many occasions.
4.       I discovered knit blouses with V-necks were the most flattering fit for me.  They opened my face and slimmed my top half.   I also made sure these knit tops fit and hugged my hourglass figure…no more huge men’s polo shirts….donated!
5.       I also discovered I look taller and leaner when I wear long pants and avoid capri pants.  I live in Texas…it’s hot and the midlife woman’s answer to shorts has been the capri.   Most of mine were donated…I confess to still owning a couple of pairs…but they fit my body, at least.

The small steps helped me to look in the mirror and see that I MATTER.  We will continue the journey next Thursday.  For those just stopping in, here are the other posts…then HOP on to Katie’s Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop!  To catch up with us about #I MATTER:

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