I am so sorry to be a little giddy…I truly understand that many of you are suffering through this cold.

However, in South Texas we have not seen winter in a long, long time.  This has been fun…to actually wear more than one coat during a season!  I like to mix things up…not always wearing the same coat and, I prefer, a mix of seasonal weather.  The heat is just more bearable if we actually have some colder air leading in and out of it.  (Hold the hate mail!)

Today, JILL and ADRIENNE asked their blogger friends to send a picture of how we wear our coats…I got so excited, I sent them a selection of four!  Someone once told me in extreme cold weather there is no hug like a fabulous winter coat, and my last year’s purchase at Soft Surroundings in the first picture is one big, soft, toasty hug all day long.  You can see all of the bloggers in their coats HERE and HERE!

  Stay warm…I truly hope no one has suffered a serious hardship due to the cold.  (You have a standing invitation to visit…we will see a climb to the upper 70s over the next couple of days…remember, no hate mail!)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!! Stay warm!

Coat: Soft Surroundings
Blue Top: Chicos
Leggings:  Coldwater Creek

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