Hello everyone, it’s Midlife Boulevard day and we are in the middle of a discussion on personal style. 

Today, we are looking at what some of the experts say about paying attention to personal style. These are the people who helped me find my “sweet spot.” Just click HERE!

Experts like, Stacy London, who writes, “It’s not an overstatement to say that style teaches me over and over again how to live in my skin. It helps me find courage and confidence and control when I feel I have none. While I was drawn to the world of fashion as a little girl because of its sparkle, I love the world of style now because I understand its transformative power.”

YES, I also understand that…because I experienced it myself.

Join us for the discussion in THE JOY BOUTIQUE

Now, Ta Da….the winner of the ONE NECKLACE PERSONALIZED JEWELRY is Charlotte Issyvoo…Congratulations, Charlotte..Enjoy!

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