“No matter what your age is, you only have now.
So, it’s always about living in the moment, and
being in the moment…I refuse to let those
numbers define me and I just try to face each
day positively.”        -Christie Brinkley
I completely agree with Christie! Good words, but 
I have to confess, she really annoyed me recently.
My own immaturity crashed into her maturity!  
Please join me for the discussion about 
comparisons at any age on Midlife Boulevard,
HERE.  The post includes an update on my
weight training as well at The Joy Boutique!
Also, I am honored to be a guest blogger at the
fabulous KATHERINES CORNER!  Just 

click HERE

to read my biggest lessons learned over 50!
Then go out wearing your brightest Christie-
Happy Tuesday, all!!

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