Fashion Over 50: Building Neutral Foundations

Coming out of winter, most women are tired of a neutral
heavy wardrobe and ready to bloom right along with the flowers!!  However, a solid foundation of neutrals is
what a successful wardrobe is built upon…and we learned that from the fabulous
French.  Author Tish Jett writes in her
latest release, Forever Chic, “Frenchwomen
of a certain age have built their wardrobes upon a foundation of neutrals. They
add spice with a few magical, highly personal finds.  That way they “own” the look.  They are masters of the art-meets-science
cocktail.  Science is the structure.  Art is the refinement, the individualization
of the whole.  It’s the artistic twists
that transform the ubiquitous into the unusual, the unique.”
There are several over-50 bloggers who do this cocktail mixing with style and
confidence…”they own their looks”….

TAMERA BEARDSLEY often demonstrates how creative and amazing all neutrals can be.  She is one blog star singing the power of accessories in a neutral based wardrobe.

Susan of UneFemme‘s favorite designer is Eileen Fisher and she styles
the looks perfectly. This over fifty professional mom is edgy and bold with predominately
black on the base.
Ann of Blue Hue Wonderland is a chic, classic dresser and often demonstrates how
one fabulous piece should be the star.  She is controlled with her creativity,
highlighting just the right touch to her style.
Annette of Lady of Style brings rich, saturated colors from across the
ocean and also, models for American women the success of neutrals as the
building blocks.
Susan of Fifty not Frumpy is most often seen in designs from Chico’s and uses them to
step out in confidence on date nights with her significant other.  She also selects one attention-grabbing piece
for the entire look.
We need not apologize for repetition of solid neutrals in
our wardrobes.  In order to have a closet
which functions best, this is how it should be. 
Jett writes, “Don’t think for a moment, how boring.  It’s anything but. It’s intelligent, ageless,
and always, always chic. Best of all,
it makes getting dressed so easy. Within the spectrum of neutrals, there are
vast nuances of shades, textures, and possibilities.” Spring 2014 is full of
soft neutral collections providing inspirational options; as well as, many
black & white styles.
How’s your foundation, ladies…is it neutral based? Or do you not think about it?  After you tell us, please go visit the
creative bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY…… and Tres Chic Style Bits…and MONDAY MINGLE!!  and VERIZON VOICES FASHIONISTA STYLE HOP
Join us! Click the Spotlight 

Then have a Joyful Day!

My Coat is KASPER from Macys


  1. This is so pretty Pam and to my eyes done just right. I think you are so right about wearing the classics and adding touches of your own uniqueness. I love the red bag with the scarf. Thanks for including me in the group of some of my favorite bloggers.

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Your jacket is fabulous and such a statement maker!
    And yes, Absolutely! I have to say that having a wardrobe based on quality, not quantity, and neutrals that are spiced up with occasional trendy pieces is my goto fashion mantra (although lengthy!). And I'll never forget the woman I worked with in Paris who was a "master accessorizer" & could wear the same suit daily & constantly look fresh and original. Granted, it was often a Chanel! 🙂
    xo ~kim (and chloe)

  3. Oh, la! la! Tres chic indeed! I agree that French women tend to own their look (which is perfect actually) and since they mastered the looks, they become comfortable in them like their second skin. A lot to learn from them French madame 🙂 I think you too have that certain style that you stick to that has become your signature style.

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  4. First, I am very honoured you included me amongst these fabulous ladies! Thank you, Pam!
    Second, yes even I am wearing a lot more colours recently, I still love neutrals a lot. But like you show here, I tend to add a dash of colour. Your coat is fantastic too!

    I can highly recommend this book which I am currently reading: "Paris Street Style", A Guide to Effortless Chic by Isabelle Thomas and Frédérique Veysset.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  5. Hi Pam, I love your post and I follow all the ladies mentioned. My next comment is not meant to be snarky or to hurt. Although the jacket is lovely, I think its too long for you when wearing a flat heel. If you cant tolerate heels perhaps investigate shortening the jacket a bit. It may also just be the camera.

  6. You look nice Pam. My wardrobe is very neutral based. Almost to a fault. This year I've been making baby steps in adding more color. It has been fun!

  7. I am in love with your outfit…and the pop of red is like the cherry on top!!!
    Once I embraced my grey hair (and lost weight) I transitioned my wardrobe to black, grey, black & white with pops of cool bright jewel tones like cobalt blue. It now makes it easy to shop!!!

  8. Fabulous purse! I follow all of the blogs you mention and am so inspired by them. We truly are a wonderful generation of women, aren't we!

  9. What an inspirational post Pam – and an inspirational group of bloggers! I've just got back from Paris and you're all as chic as any of the women I saw there. That monochrome coat is fabulous and I like how you've styled it – Tish's book is brilliant.

  10. First of all Pam, you look absolutely chic and stylish in you neutrals accented with a restrained use of a bold accent … kudos to you my dear!

    Secondly, thank you ever so much for the kind shout out and inclusion with such stylish others! You certainly nailed my fashion perspective with "singing the power of accessories with a neutral based wardrobe"…. I couldn't have said it better my self!

    I think there might be a possibility of you and I actually meeting in person, as I think I will join my husband at this conference next February, As luck would have it I believe it's in your city!

    Pam, thank you again for the generous shout out! Happy Monday to you!

  11. You got it just right, Pam! I love that coat, and the red bag is such a great accent. Adding the scarf takes it to another level and makes it really eye-catching.

  12. How beautiful you are with your black foundation and black/white coat. I love well fitting neutral backgrounds for adorning with beloved treasures collected over many years. Great post with stunning photos of bloggers who shine!

  13. I have more neutrals in my closet now than I did a year ago, but I don't think I'll ever stop wearing color altogether. Pam, you are very adept at wearing neutrals without looking sad or boring!


  14. These goreous ladies (yourself included) are all tres chic. No question neutrals rule (well in my book anyway). Definitely a fabulous foundation to work from. Pam I love your coat… stunning.

  15. Fabulous post today, Pam. I admire every one of these beautiful women, including you. I couldn't agree more with every word you said and reminded us today.

  16. I definitely do the neutral base of black, and then splash some color wherever I can. It's timeless and fun.

    I love the fashions on this page. I have a beautiful, very long blazer from a few years back, and didn't know if it was in style. From the length of yours I see that it is! Yay, Pam!

  17. Some new blogs for me to check out, thanks for sharing.
    Love your coat and the pop of colour makes the look awesome.
    Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits, much appreciated!

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