I am a teacher and Friday afternoon begins that most wonderful thing known as Spring Break!! As always, it comes at the right time! I am exhausted and a little dry on blog material this evening…so I decided to share a bit about my routine…beauty things I do once every week!
At the end, tell us what you do once every week…and do you have favorite products you use??  Then have a Fabulous Friday!!

Once a week, I get microdermabrasion…well, not at the dermatologist, but in my shower…I love this MICRODERMABRASION AND PEEL SYSTEM and believe it makes a huge difference!

Once a week, I try to soak my cuticles in olive oil and spend some time on my nails.  Of course, if I can work in a manicure…I will make that happen…but I usually spend money on the toes and do the nails myself.

Once a week, I do a heavy conditioner on my hair and this Wella Brillance Treatment is my favorite…I highly recommend.

Wella Brilliance at Ulta

Once a year, I take Spring Break….and it provides a wealth of healthy living!


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