Here We Go Again…and Again…and Again!

Can’t believe it is already mid-week and that May is tomorrow?? I find myself in a place which is very familiar….the beginning!  As many of you know, last July, one week before turning 60, I began working with a trainer.  This was after years of being predominately dormant!
When I was in high school, girls did not play athletics…you know, I think I would have made a decent basketball player (my children are laughing across Texas!)…in college, I had no peers that I remember who worked out or played sports…other than water volleyball in the pool at the sorority house!  Exercise was never really anything I did or was encouraged to do…I honestly have no memory of a doctor telling me at any time I should be exercising.
So, there I was last July, a mess….over weight, osteoporosis setting in, constant fatigue…literally, a mess.  From July through January of this year, I did weight training two days a week, and cardio from  2-4 days a week.  I was feeling great…strength in arms and legs.
Then,  I injured my hip reflexor….not exactly sure where the injury occurred though it was after working on a treadmill that I remember I could not walk the next day.  I dragged my left leg behind me like a sack of potatoes for two weeks before seeking physical therapy.  Since late February, I have been able to continue the two days of weight workouts, but completely stopped the cardio.
Even now, there is still a slight pain in my upper thigh/hip area; however, things are finally feeling like complete healing is imminent. But, I have gone backwards, yet, again….fatigue has returned, weight back on, and strength zapped.
I have only entertained for a second that I should just quit!  The idea was attractive for just a moment.  But, I will start over again and begin the cardio again by the end of this week.  The training on Tuesday was tougher only because I am now feeling the effects of not doing the cardio.
I felt compelled to write this today in case there is something one of you wants to quit…but you know you should press on.  I try to think of my life if I do quit…a curved little lady with brittle bones, trouble breathing, and not enjoying life at all.
I will start again and maybe, just maybe, finally get this physical training thing right.  My deepest desire is to feel strong and healthy like I felt around Christmas…with flexibility and easy movement and to begin to look my best with weight off my body…I will persevere and hopefully stay injury free for a longer time.
Happy Wednesday, all!

Note:  The necklace is from CHICOS!


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  1. Check with your trainer…but you might want to lay off the treadmill which puts more pressure on joints than say the elliptical. Now, here's the catch…using the elliptical for cardio is fine but I don't bump up the incline like I used to because I damaged my hip flexor that way. I do, however, bump up the resistance to a 25. Work up to a lengthier time gradually in five minute increments. I do both cardio and weight 3 times a week…age 66…:)JP

  2. I swear its Tuesday as I read this…….But, no matter…I think you should be proud of yourself for getting your exercise routine again. I will endeavor to do the same.

  3. How about checking out some yoga or pilates. I find it fantastic for flexibility and for bone strength and find it heals old injuries as opposed to creating new ones. I keep active by walking, cycling and the occasional visit to the gym. I was never keen on sports at school and prefer the French way of gentle fitness.

  4. Please don't underestimate the power of food to heal you. I was spiraling downward a couple of years ago also. I don't have time for more serious exercise but I do try to go for long brisk walk everyday. (30 minutes)

    You can start feeling better with your next meal. Eat as many fruits and veggies as you can at every single meal. I lost 45 pounds and corrected some looming health problems and the threat of three surgeries. Take the exercise slow so that you don't injure yourself again.

    Hugs! Susan

  5. First of all, I just love that top! The white with the illusion…that is gorgeous! Do you mind sharing where you got that? I could truly use that in my wardrobe! I needed to read this today for encouragement. It just floors me that you can work and work at exercising and be doing great, then something happens and in a matter of weeks it's like months of progress just vanish into thin air. What the heck? But it's true, it happens. Like you, my solution when I want to throw in the towel is to picture my life when I'm my mom's age, even younger than her. While sometimes we have no control over what befalls us, as much as is possible I want to stay healthy and fit so that I can enjoy life in my future. Aches and pains are more common now, and I'm always looking for ways to get around that, whether it be light yoga, weights, whatever it takes. Thanks for the encouragement to always keep going. Because all of us, I believe, have had those times when we feel like just stopping. If it was possible to stay in decent shape eating ice cream on a lawn chair with a fashion or decorating magazine, I'd be all over that. Since it's not, I'm going for a walk! Karen

  6. Hi Pam,
    You are getting some good advice here. Look for a gentle yoga class- adding that to you regimen will indeed help you keep limber and help prevent stress injuries . Once you get the basics down, you can do it at home. Here are two basic hip opener and this one Just go only as far as that beginning stretch. We are older and our bodies function differently and so we need to modify. for instance when I was younger I could do 4 mile per hour on the tread mill. if I tried to do that now, I would loose my balance and fall off. I find I can keep my heart rate up at about 3.2 with a slight incline. Experiment – you will find your way. An elliptical is harder than a treadmill, so you might want to split your 30 minutes between both machines.
    Diet and exercise go hand in hand but diet will contribute more to overall health and wellness. Work on what you can add to your diet – more greens and plant foods.
    Just some thoughts. You can do it.

  7. I always appreciate the good information and inspiration I get here.

    Like you, I had an injury last summer that threatened to decrease my mobility, and therefore my overall well-being. (Odd how exercise, which we do to feel better, can be the cause of our feeling way worst! You might want to read But I continued exercising, just a little more carefully, because exercise helps my spirits as much as my body.

    Persevere. You're worth it and you look fabulous!

  8. I love your honesty, and stopping and starting and stopping and starting with exercise has always been my issue, too. I know your post will help many to keep on trying. As we age we all experience some kind of decline. That is why I keep writing about using our ABILITIES no matter what part of our body is not working!

    Love the necklace!

  9. It is so admirable that you are persevering. But don't forget to listen to your body. In yoga, we learn to honor our bodies and never push into pain. I have been with Weight Watcher's for 9 months now and am losing weight sloooooowly–exactly the way I put it on. I could be discouraged, but realize that the scale keeps moving downward and, hopefully, the weight loss will be sustainable. I also do an aerobics-weight training class 3 times a week. You know what keeps me going? I love the ladies in the class. We laugh, we encourage each other and gently remind each other to take it easy if the going gets too rough. I can't emphasize enough how their support has kept me coming to class.

  10. Don't give up, Pam! I've been doing weight training and cardio for years and I've twice been stalled by injuries that required physiotherapy. On both occasions, I was tempted to quit. I've had to adapt my weight lifting program a bit, cutting out a couple of things that kept aggravating the old injuries, but I continue to soldier on. Now I'm fighting two completely separate cancers but, as amazing as it might sound, I feel healthy and I continue to exercise. I know that the surgery I'm having next week will set me back for awhile but as soon as I'm able, I plan to get up and keep going!

  11. Kudos to you, Pam!! I too want to recommend Yoga along with your strength training and cardio. It helped me with an painful issue that I had for several years. And as someone else pointed out – food choices! It's amazing how different you will feel by eating clean. Headaches, indigestion, and various other ailments go away when eating right. Now when I cheat, I pay for it and feel awful afterwards!!

  12. PILATES, PILATES, PILATES………………….especially with a personal Pilates teacher. You will never have injuries with this exercise method as you will follow a specifically designed course for your strengths and weaknesses. In fact you will find that you will get "all over" strength, mobiity, energy and move with elegance and poise.
    As a Pilates teacher, I can stand by this statement.
    Good luck and enjoy the change

  13. Bravo for you and don't give up. Just want to say that as good as many trainers and fitness professionals are you can't go wrong with a trained physiotherapist. They really understand the body and how movement and injury affect us.

  14. I think I needed to hear this just now, Pam. More than I can possibly express. There are things I'm considering quitting, that I'm torn about and torn up at the thought of. I'm also behind the eight ball in terms of diet, exercise, and weight I've put on. The worst part is how I feel about myself and the "zapped" feeling as you say. But stress and worry rob me of sleep, less sleep has me reaching for food to keep going to meet my obligations, and old injuries (with comes-and-goes chronic pain) mean the only exercise I can do really is walking.

    And so I have to tell myself (again) NOT to be a quitter, not to give up or give in, but to make changes if I can. It's wearying to fight the same battles for decades. We like to think we'll conquer them once and for all, and that's not only in the fitness / health / weight arena but so many others.

    So like I said, I needed this today. Thank you. And wishing you GOBS of luck and resolve and with your wonderful spirit, I have no doubts that you'll get there.

  15. You help me so much Pam, you have no idea just how much in fact! I wish we could sit down for a coffee or glass of wine one day, not to commiserate celebrate in joy and accomplishment!

    The Arts by Karena

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