Stress Relief!!

The start to 2014 has been…let’s see what’s the best word….I
guess…exhausting!  I injured a muscle in
my hip over two months ago.  The pain has
been excruciating at times.  I have a new
appreciation for those who live with constant pain.  I had five doctor appointments and while it
is MUCH better, the pain persists.
I am determined not to quit my weight training, so I
continue on with a modified workout and new warm up and cool down stretches
particularly for the hip.  And, let me be
clear, it was not injured during a weight workout.  But, I did stop the in-between cardio
workouts and have been highly discouraged that I had to slow down.
When I add pain management to a myriad of negative voices
around me, it is a battle to maintain positivity…but a battle I am determined
to win.  The voices hail from many
changes occurring at the private school where I teach…living with two college
students…living with a CPA during a stressful tax season…living down the block
from a daughter learning to raise a toddler…and, as a journalism teacher,
living with the dark side of the news.
This is why, a quite morning in my backyard was much
appreciated.  No sounds, but the birds
and a breeze.  No complaining…lamenting…arguing…or
whining from any plants or the sun.  Just
peaceful, glorious beauty and quiet.
I love my family, my job, my students, my profession and the
fact that I have a group of friends to share a trainer with each week.  But, for one morning, the peace of a backyard
and the hope given us from Easter celebrations…were exactly what this lady
Stress Management keeps us young…and we should face it head
on when we feel the heaviness setting in. 
How do you handle your stress?

Happy Saturday!!


  1. This post really resonates with me Pam and I just had to write and say so. When I am stressed out, my backyard has often been my refuge. Your pictures are beautiful, and I can see why you retreat outside. I can also understand your frustration with working out, or a modified work out. So discouraging, but we can do other things at such times. I have sure been there, and I saw pounds creeping back and got so discouraged. We have to work extra hard to silence those negative thoughts! I also paint, and it takes me someplace else in my mind. But when I saw your pictures and read what you wrote, I thought, that is my first place to retreat to also, outside where you can hear birds, the breeze, feel the sun and feel your body relax. Great post! Karen I

  2. MOrning Pam! Happy Easter Saturday. I hope you get better soon. I know what it is to have muscle pain. THe main thing is to not overdo, as it is easy to do when you start getting better. Slowly you can up your strength training but take it easy at first. I have chronic pain, and to be honest, I don't remember what it is like not to. I am glad you are enjoying the flowers, being outside. Have you tried swimming? I use a warm water pool, and it is great for the muscles as well Take care and Happy Easter!
    Jess xx

  3. Reading on the terrace soon to be surrounded by flowers, taking a walk in the surrounding greenery, meeting a friend for gallery touring at a nice comfortable pace….watching BBC mysteries!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Awwww…….Sweet Pam, I am sending you a big hug from Houston and as you enjoy the freshness of Spring and rejoice in the promise of Jesus' resurrection, may you know what a blessing you are as reflect His love through your life.
    Judith Presgrove

  5. Precious friend! I am so sorry to hear of your pain! Please, please rest and take it easy…I know how you feel. For the last two weeks, I've had vertigo and now, a ringing/hollow sensation in my right ear. This imbalance took me for a loop and while I still drove to work, it was HORRIBLE. I too have tried to keep up with my weight training that I've been doing for 29 years. WE press on, don't we? Peace and beauty to you, and thank you so much for coming to visit me! Anita

  6. Pam dear-I am just catching up and am so glad I caught this post. Your images are simply gorgeous and I can feel the peace and bits of joy they bring. I am grateful you had that peaceful time, all to yourself, with all the chaos going on around you. We need that. You and I both know the stress of working in education where we sometimes experience the darker side of life for our students and families. You needed this fresh air, deep breathing and pops of color today. Hoping that hip heals quickly. Thanks for your sweet comments and yes, we did have a wonderful time in Napa Valley. I surely wish we lived closer my friend.
    Happy Easter to you and yours!
    xx, Heather

  7. Stress is a part of our lives like breathing. It's all about how we manage it. You did a wonderful for yourself by going outside into nature and "being at one" with it. That is exactly what I do too, Pam. It's always there for us. We have to stop and take pleasure in it.

    It's the little things – that are really BIG a/k/a NATURE – that do the most for us. Great job!

    I love your photos. They remind me that sometime, soon, when we get "normal" weather again in the northeast, our flowers will bloom! Your flowers are gorgeous

  8. Pain is so difficult. It makes everything in life much harder. I had frozen shoulder last year and do mean all of last year and it was in my right arm. I did massages and this did help a lot. I didn't do spa type massages but medical massages. The woman I visited knew about how the muscles worked and she really helped me.

    blue hue wonderland

  9. Pam, I understand that constant pain. I had pains in my neck and hip separately that I thought would never go away! I had to modify everything. My last bout with my hip had me limping and was excruciating. I am happy to report that, for my age, I am pain free. Keep the faith, you will get through this and it won't last forever. I had to resort to deep tissue massage and chiropractic care. Now I keep the pains at bay with daily walks, Pilates once per week (with the reformer to reduce stress) and Yoga once per week. I am sending good thoughts your way!

  10. I also love to seek refuge from stress outdoors. Our long, cold Canadian winter makes that very difficult to do so by this time of year, I'm quite fed up with it! This year, spring is late coming and everyone is getting cranky! Other ways I deal with stress… exercise (which is, of course, difficult when injury is the source of stress), soaking in a hot bath, an occasional glass of wine and when it's needed most, a great relaxation massage!

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