The start to 2014 has been…let’s see what’s the best word….I
guess…exhausting!  I injured a muscle in
my hip over two months ago.  The pain has
been excruciating at times.  I have a new
appreciation for those who live with constant pain.  I had five doctor appointments and while it
is MUCH better, the pain persists.
I am determined not to quit my weight training, so I
continue on with a modified workout and new warm up and cool down stretches
particularly for the hip.  And, let me be
clear, it was not injured during a weight workout.  But, I did stop the in-between cardio
workouts and have been highly discouraged that I had to slow down.
When I add pain management to a myriad of negative voices
around me, it is a battle to maintain positivity…but a battle I am determined
to win.  The voices hail from many
changes occurring at the private school where I teach…living with two college
students…living with a CPA during a stressful tax season…living down the block
from a daughter learning to raise a toddler…and, as a journalism teacher,
living with the dark side of the news.
This is why, a quite morning in my backyard was much
appreciated.  No sounds, but the birds
and a breeze.  No complaining…lamenting…arguing…or
whining from any plants or the sun.  Just
peaceful, glorious beauty and quiet.
I love my family, my job, my students, my profession and the
fact that I have a group of friends to share a trainer with each week.  But, for one morning, the peace of a backyard
and the hope given us from Easter celebrations…were exactly what this lady
Stress Management keeps us young…and we should face it head
on when we feel the heaviness setting in. 
How do you handle your stress?

Happy Saturday!!

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