Attitudes About Aging…The Conversation Is Changing!

Currently, I am listening to two conversations about aging which have fascinated me.  They caught my attention because of how I feel.  I am on the doorstep of turning 61 and I do not feel it one bit.  In fact, I feel young, vibrant, and energetic.  Ready to tackle more.  

We now know people live longer and feel better…ready to contribute well after 65.  The conversation has changed from retirement to passionate living.  Baby Boomers are ready to work for a much longer time and not quite ready to hit the golf course.  Many are actually starting new businesses and pursuing their “dream jobs” now.  I will introduce you to a new book and website tomorrow.

Today, I would like you to consider donating just $5 (or more if you wish, of course) to the production of a new documentary on this very topic: Your Second Fifty: Rising Above the Myth of Aging

The documentary addresses the myths and limiting beliefs we all face pertaining to age over 50 and what we can do to alter these beliefs.
The documentary looks at how we address aging now and what may occur over the next 20 to 30 years and why it’s important that we take care of all of our dimensions to be available for new treatments and discoveries.
The documentary covers our Mental Dimension, Emotional Dimension, Physical Dimension, Financial Dimension and our Spiritual Dimension…and cover Setting Goals and Self-Discipline.
The documentary features the likes of: Bruce LiptonArielle FordDavid WolfeBob ProctorShawne DuperonDr. Demartini,  Naomi JuddDr. AmenDr. Fab ManciniMary MorrisseyDr. GrossmanDr. Plasker and Morgana Rae … just to name a few.
Tomorrow morning I will give you another option to check out which could bring personal inspiration and direction for the second half of life!!  The documentary and the book are all about changing how we view aging and how we face it!
Now, off to preview the Fall Collection for Worth!!  Have a fun Saturday everyone!


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