Meet Sabrina! She is our guest today with her I MATTER story.  A story which has helped my own family….

“After 25 years, our children were grown and on their own – the empty nest had arrived!   At 53, I decided it was time to focus on me for a change.    I began to be more aware of my age and level of fitness and decided NOW was the time to do something about it – not ten years from now when I “retired” or things “slowed down”!  It has been said “When you have your health, you have everything. When you don’t have your health, nothing else matters at all.”  Isn’t this so true?  I had seen several people close to me suffer tremendously from poor health – largely attributed to poor eating habits and lack of exercise.  I was also beginning to feel a void in my life of not knowing where to serve others.  When my children were home, I loved helping at their school, at church, with their various teams and activities.  I loved meeting new people, making friends, making a difference, helping others through these various avenues.  After hearing a speaker talk about how everything we do or don’t do is a choice we make, it really hit home with me that I needed to make some better choices in my life!  

About that same time, I became involved with JUICE PLUS – a company whose motto is “Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World”.  Through education and being surrounded by positive, health minded, servant hearted people, I found a place where I could serve others by helping them improve their health through whole food nutrition while also improving my own health.  Any health situation will be improved simply by giving our body what it desires and needs to heal and protect itself – fruits and vegetables.

  Juice Plus is just food – 25 fruits, vegetables and grains in a capsule or chewable form – a salad bar in a capsule!  I am proud that this product is proven effective by 31 published medical research studies that prove its effectiveness.  Personally I noticed an improvement in my allergies, my energy level and my skin (who doesn’t want to look younger?).  People may also notice they get sick less often, improved blood test results, better rest and energy, improved skin, hair and gums, better digestion and many more positive effects from adding whole food nutrition to their diet. 

I believe helping people improve their health so they lead active, vibrant lives is where God has called me to serve now.  It is such a blessing to speak to someone whose health has been improved and life changed for the better by adding JUICE PLUS to their diet and hopefully beginning to change other habits as well.  It is very exciting when young parents begin to understand the importance of feeding their children a more nutritious diet!  What I would give to have known what I know now when my children were growing up!  I’m hoping we can make a difference in the next generation one family at a time! Many people have been blessed by this financially as well as it can be a part or full time job – no matter what stage you are at in life!  Personally, we have changed our diet to a ‘cleaner” way of eating and have incorporated exercise into our daily routine – both habits we intend to continue the rest of our life.  Am I perfect at this?  No.  50+ years of bad habits die hard.  But I am changing and the change is for the better.  I feel better overall, am stronger and in better condition now than I ever have been.  My family’s habits are changing for the better also and that is exciting for generations to come.  I’m thankful each day for the opportunity to help others with their physical and financial health.” 

If you want to speak with Sabrina, contact her HERE!  My family has taken Juice Plus for over a year with great results…just ask our dentists and doctors! I received nothing for this
post…just wanted you to experience Sabrina’s story! 
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