This summer, I have rediscovered my white jeans…and they are now one of my best friends!  So, when Jill and Adrienne announced a blogger link up called HOW I WEAR MY WHITE, I said, “Count me in!”

I was like so many who believed that white jeans would make us look larger, but I decide to test that rumor by trying on many different designs.  It is not about the white…it is all about the fit!

These INC Jeans at Macy’s fit me the best, and though I am a larger lady, they do not make me look big…at least, I do not believe they do.  


I wear them confidently with many different tops and love them!

For more ideas, make sure you visit HERE WITH JILL and HERE WITH ADRIENNE to see all of the bloggers model white!  

Also, linking up with VISIBLE MONDAY!!

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I am so excited to be featured on FABULOUS AFTER 40 in my “comfort” clothes…check it out HERE!  And, of course….

Have a fabulous Wednesday! 

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