I MATTER After 60 and Beyond….Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

This week I MATTER is for women 60+….because as far as age, size, nationality, income levels…WE ALL MATTER!  I am now 61 and truly I feel much younger.  I sense there is a movement of women my age who want to celebrate life with their style and beauty!
Enter Patrizia Molechino….a veteran of the fashion industry who worked in Rome as a personal assistant to Valentino.  Patrizia is Italian born and trained at the St. Martin’s School of Art.  I first met her through Josephine, who blogs at CHIC AT ANY AGE..
Patrizia penned Fashion, Style, and Elegance in Women Over 60 as an e-book.  I just read it on my iPad and thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of women who are not just inspirational for their style, but also for their occupations even over 60.  I enjoyed the beauty of each wrinkle and the stories these faces tell.  They are all living life to it’s fullest.  
She addresses many of the questions on the minds of older women
Should we wear a mini-skirt? (You might be surprised by the answer)
Should we continue to dye our hair?
How do we develop Personal Style?
How to put outfits together?

These are just a few of the discussions among the 26 chapters.  The book is available through iTunes, HERE, and soon will be available for Kindle through Amazon.  
  Patizia would like to publish updated versions featuring real women.  If you would like to be featured in her book, then send your photo plus information to patrizia.molechino@gmail.com.  Her fashion blog, HERE, the Oracle on Buying, was created in 2009 and has been published by 360fashion ever since.  She currently lives in France.  
I love a book which reminds the thousands of Baby Boomer women to carry the sign….I MATTER!!  You can read all of the I MATTER posts HERE.
Now, go enjoy the informative blogs of Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop or hop on yourself!
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. I'll be watching for this for Kindle! Like you, I entered my 61st year this year and don't feel anywhere close to that age! I see pictures of my grandmother, and even my mom to some degree, when they were in their 50's and they truly looked much, much older than their years. Not sure what we're doing differently, but it seems to be working! Thank goodness we can still have fun with fashion!

  2. I will get 50 next year and I often think OMG inside I´m 30!! I try to keep the balance with clothes which makes me a little bit younger but not to look inappropriate or desperately trying to look young. Hope I do it well in the future 🙂

    have a wonderful day

  3. Wow Pam Thanks so much for spreading the word and for the mention and link. Glad you liked the book and it is great that we are all participating in this, as I see it, shift in perception in ageing. I will forward the link to Patrizia, she will be thrilled. The kindle edition may be a while but I found the iTunes download easy. Looking forward to the next edition with lots of our lovely readers taking part. Can't wait to meet Patrizia in person in Nice, probably in October. Signing off as a happy, healthy 64 yr old!

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