Younique 3-D Fiber Lash Mascara…Truly A Big Deal!

Have you heard the latest mascara?

Bloggers are going crazy for this new product…YOUNIQUE 3-D 
FIBER LASH MASCARA!  My daughter also says that all the

moms in her play date group are talking about it!

 It is the revolutionary product which goes on like 
regular mascara, but gives the appearance of false eyelashes.
I was excited to test it for myself, and was very impressed.  First of 
all the presentation is fabulous in this beautiful case… Chic!

Then I learned it involves a three step process…(worth each step):

First, apply your normal mascara (For me, that is BOBBI BROWN)
Second, apply the Younique Transplanting Gel
Third, apply the Younique Natural Fibers to create thickness and
volume.   VIOLA…beautiful lashes!

I am very picky about my eyelashes since I had NONE on my eyes 
from ages 5-18….(another story for another day if you do not 
already know it.)  I love Younique!  It is easy from application to
removal…though water resistant, the mascara comes off easily…no
rubbing or scrubbing!
I believe if you like your lashes long and sultry, you will love this….just give the product a try HERE and 
Kacie will take care of you!  Holiday parties will be on the horizon
soon…think fabulous lashes!
Enjoy and have a happy Wednesday!

I was compensated for this review, but the words and product test results are my own!


  1. Sounds interesting. Don't think it is over here yet. Being a child of the 60s when we wore false lashes regularly I managed to put a couple of small ones on the outside of my upper eyelashes for the wedding and it did make a big difference.

    1. Hi Josephine! Younique comes to the UK on the first of October; it's a very exciting time in the company! I can also ship to you personally and send you an invoice to include the extra shipping cost. From my research, one mascara would have an addition shipping cost of roughly $13. Let me know if you decide to order! Thanks!

  2. This is certainly an interesting product. It costs about the same as my regular mascara, which I understand from what you said that you still need. While I may not do something like this every day (my mascara truly thickens my lashes and makes my eyes look bigger, lashes longer), it might be fun for special occasions. I have bookmakred the page to further consider. Fun to have products like this, I wonder if they make something for brows…..will have to check that out.

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