So excited to be back with I MATTER THURSDAY!!  This is where we remember we all should be at the top of our priority list!  If we take care of ourselves, we can do more for the people in our lives…family, friends, employees, bosses, etc. 

I have been thinking a lot lately about taking risks.  Midlife can be a fearful time…we realize life goes quickly and perhaps our opportunities are sifting grains of sand in our hands. It is a pressing time to make changes and pursue our passions.  It takes courage to go forward and usually requires some level of risk taking.

Recently, I was so inspired when I met midlife business owners, Jody Cochran and Nicole Nugent.  One year ago, they stepped out with courage and began the boutique of their dreams here in San Antonio.  It is called BAKER TATUM…the name actually comes from their maiden names!

These two friends participated in the neighborhood Garden Club and discovered their love for plants, and beautiful home furnishings. They loved unique planters and pots and also believed plants made the best gifts for just about any occasion.  They dreamed together, planned together, and took the plunge together without any real retail or business experience between them.

But, this unique boutique has been a big success.  Not only will you discover stunning table décor, beautiful monogrammed linens for your guests, stunning jewelry design, and uncovered antique treasures, but you will also find a work area to create your own gifts whether it be succulents or orchids, wrapped in beautiful boxes and papers.  In fact, at a recent gathering for local bloggers we were able to dive right into the potting soil and moss, and fashion are own garden creations.  For those not yet ready to plant their own, of course, the ladies will make your gifts for you and have them ready for pick up.

Jody and Nicole love the neighborhood feel they get from a location right next to our infamous Bird Bakery, and the ease of a location near their homes.  They have learned together and did not allow lack of retail business to discourage them.  Customers can see immediately by the shop décor, the welcoming aromas of glowing Nest candles, and their friendly service that the ladies have tapped into some key points for success….exquisite tastes being a huge part of it.   “When shopping for inventory,” explained Jody, “we make certain no one else in town is offering the same and we check ourselves to see if we are willing to buy it for our own homes if it does not sell.”  They do not stock a lot of inventory, but keep the unique pieces moving…so far, this plan is working.

When we carry the I MATTER sign, we should be constantly looking for opportunity.  Are we doing work which brings smiles to our faces…brings fulfillment to our souls?  It is never too late to take a risk…just ask BAKER TATUM (ON FACEBOOK)…they are having the times of their lives!

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