I really struggled with this one…what to do on September 11 in this space.  I could ignore the fact that it is a somber, historical day.  But, though I am a blogger, I am also a journalist and a journalism teacher, and that side of me just could not set aside what today represents.

My husband works with a man who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald.  On this day in 2011, he was just 58 minutes away from the home office in the World Trade Center, on the phone with co-workers inside.  He has not been able to speak about the details of the day until this year.

I just cannot do what I usually do today.  But, I can say that WE MATTER…WE ALL MATTER…LOVE MATTERS…and remembering this day to honor the families left behind matters.

See you next week…here are the lovely bloggers of Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop, HERE.

God Bless America!

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