During a Warmer Autumn… Pull Out the Skirts!

If you are a lover of all things autumn, and a resident of South Texas…like I am…it requires much patience, and determination to see the little signs.  While some are enjoying full blown radiance on the landscape…we must look deep inside the trees to discover hope autumn is there.
Summer heat continues to bear down, yet I remain true to dressing seasonal and just find ways to keep fun in my wardrobe.  One way to do this easily is with my autumn skirts.

This is an olive knit skirt from my past, and I really love its comfort.  You just cannot go wrong with a pencil skirt….a great fit for any body type.  

I made this scarf this star of this neutral based outfit!

The jacket is one of my favorite pieces from JJILL.

You already know that I decorate my home for fall…despite sun blasting through the windows.  And I also keep seasonal scents throughout my home by lighting candles; such as this one from AIRWICK.  They also make wonderful aromas in air fresheners and plug-in scented oils (my husband loves these!).  Some of this season’s scents include fragrances from favorite NATIONAL PARKS:  Great Smoky Mountain Warm Spice, Shenendoah Apple and Cinnamon Spice, New Isle Royale Sugar Maple and Hazelnut Crisp, Cuyahoga Valley Sweet Pear and Amber Woods, and Acadia Sweet Pumpkin and amber…so wonderful to enter a home or work place saturated in scents of autumn….You can find them at most of your favorite retailers.

Have a autumny Wednesday!!
Air Wick Products were provided for my review, but the opinions are my own!


  1. (Think something happened to my comment!) I really like this neutral outfit and love your choice of scarf to pull the look together. In case my previous comment doesn't post, you have to admit it Pam, you look positively thin! Karen

  2. Fabulous look, Pam! We're also getting another blast of warm weather, so am having to be creative with my fall dressing. You've inspired me to add one of my lightweight leopard scarves today.

  3. Your look is lovely, Pam, and makes me hope for fall. Like Texas, we have to look hard for remnants of autumn. The evenings are cooler now. So light weight jackets are required.

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