Happy Thursday!  I recently received an email asking for an update on my strength training workouts.  For new readers, here is a little background.  I had never been a person who loved exercise…most of my life, sadly was dormant.  I look back now and believe if I had been encouraged to participate in athletics, I might have been a decent athlete.  Yet, I was not…girls were not encouraged as much back then as they are now.

When I turned 50 eleven years ago, I decided to attempt an exercise program, so I did light….very light…walking each day.  Around the time of my sixtieth birthday, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine and the doctor said, “You have got to weight train or you will bend over!!”  So, fifteen months ago just before turning 60, I joined a group of other women around my age to work out twice a week with a trainer…the quiet, taskmaster, BZ.

I did this, because I MATTER.

Now, I rise every morning at 4:05…head to the gym to be there when it opens at 5 AM….and three to four days a week do cardio and two days a week strength training.  I have had other readers say, “Don’t you just love it now that it is a part of your regular routine!”  I really hate to disappoint anyone, but I do not think I will ever LOVE it.  Maybe if I had started earlier in life, but each day takes perseverance and determination.  It never gets easy…BZ won’t let it.  As soon as we appear to be stronger, he ramps it up. There are many days I leave all of my energy on the gym floor and struggle through the workout.  My boss asked one day….Why do you do this?  Well,
1.        I do not want to be bent over when I am older.
2.       I want to feel great for my adult kids, and grandkids.
3.       I want to look my best!
4.       I do not want to let my accountability/workout group down and I know they are there for me as well.
5.       I might not enjoy the workout, but I do enjoy the results.  My body is changing and that has been awesome!
6.       I feel younger overall, though during the workout I feel older!!
7.       I do this, because, I MATTER!

Learning about muscles, and bones, and my overall body has been a great thing.  I have not stopped, though I have struggled with a couple of injuries and just worked through them. My toes are beginning to curl (Hammer Toes), so I bought a New Balance Training Shoe and it has really helped with a larger toe area.  Also, I love Australian Dream, so helpful on my aches and pains. I suppose the update is that I am still there…learning new moves like head crushers, line running, burpees, and wall ball!!

 My I MATTER message today is …Join me!  No matter what stage of life you are in…Do This Now, no excuses!

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