Making Designers My Own…Now, Fashion Flash!

For the past year, my shopping has been primarily about adding quality, designer pieces to my wardrobe.  Pieces I believe are timeless, fit well, and give me many options through separates.

One of my favorite designers has become EILEEN FISHER, and the sales racks of DILLARDS make this a reality!  In the past, I was only in her Extra Large and Women’s sizes, but it really is important to try a designer like Eileen Fisher on before ordering online.  Since my weight loss, I walked out with this long knit duster in a Medium!!  It was a great salesperson who encouraged me to go smaller.  These EF pants are lightweight, flowy and beautiful…I got them on the sales rack for $68.

I may have seen a similar look in all that I read from magazines, to blogs, to books, because when I walked by this VINCE CAMUTO WRAP TOP on the rack, I knew immediately it was what I was looking for!! 

Accessorizing is where we place our own signature style.  For me the necklace and earrings were originally purchased at CHICOS, the clutch is Victoria Bosco from a couple of years back , and the shoes are ANTONIO MELANI from Dillards. The bracelet was a Christmas gift last year from my husband.

I love this…when I look in the mirror, I smile and think, this is me!  I can wear it just about anywhere and feel comfortable, stylish, and confident!

Who is your favorite designer right now?  Do you like to take their basics and place your signature on it?  

I am joining the ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE…as always…visit some stylish, fun looks.  This is where can get great inspiration.

Also, time for Fashion Flash!

This week it is hosted by the fabulous Barbara Gufferman of
she is fresh off of an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show and now hosting Fashion Flash…what an inspiration! 

Have a Wonderful Monday!!


  1. I know exactly how you feel, Pam. That is how I felt in my outfit I posted today too! It really feels so good to hit the mark. You look beautiful and this is a wonderful classic outfit with your own flair. I adore Chico's jewelry and love this necklace.

  2. it is so important to feel that the clothes you wear look right, in the sense that they match your personality and mood, that it is you who wears the clothes and not the other way round. And some clothes just feel "right" immediately, like a natural match.

  3. I'll say it again – you look so thin Pam, no kidding! The flowy pants and the duster are beautiful. I am on the same page with the nicer investment pieces. These are pieces that can be combined with so many different things that you will not tire of them for years to come. Great advice! Karen

  4. Wow! You really scored a deal on those pants. And the duster will be such a versatile piece for your wardrobe.
    My current favorite designer is Stella Carakasi. EF and Stella are somewhat similar…you may like her line as well.
    Hooray on the weight loss! From Women's size to Medium is quite a big jump!
    xo, A

  5. I've also become addicted to Eileen Fisher, haunting the sale racks in Bloomingdales and at EF stores. I always feel well-tailored when I wear her stuff.
    congrats on the weight loss. takes a lot of discipline to get there.

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