I MATTER Over 50 and Beyond…Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

Sometimes, later in life, we just need a boost to help restore our confidence and for an I MATTER reminder. This is exactly what Anne Reizer’s new book, Beautiful Encore: Makeovers for Mature Women, does.  I asked Anne to tell us why the message, I MATTER, is important later in life:

“Confidence is illumination for the mature woman.  It sets her apart.  It is the vital ingredient for successful maturity .  
A very basic step in either adding to or regaining our confidence is taking adequate care with our physical presentation. ” Looking good is not a superficial endeavor!  It leads to engagement and success in other facets of your life…….it helps us project confidence and reinforces how we want to be perceived.”  Many mature women seem to default to a form of simplicity in their appearance, which they know is not working… “When appearance becomes an afterthought, it quickly becomes no thought.”

The importance of personal presentation-  our visual language- is not lost on women. We intuitively know that when we have taken time with our exterior, people are interested in what we are about.  We  feel stronger, stand taller and are more apt to join in a social occasion.  In our mature years we are too seasoned to think that life is only ups and never downs- but one of the fastest ways to regain a positive attitude is use our brains and discipline to look our best. 

Looking our best is not simply makeup and hair:  it is healthy living , a capacity for joy.  But periodically, we need to return to basics and take an honest look and not default to nonworking simplicity.

BEAUTIFUL ENCORE: MAKEOVERS FOR MATURE WOMEN is a book to inspire women over 50 that ‘looking sensational’ is within reach .  Each of the 27 models let talented hair and makeup technicians change their outdated looks.  Afterwards they sparkle! The  eleven health and beauty  articles, written by Dr.s and professionals, focus on the needs of women past 50.”
These women are very inspirational (see one before and after picture above).  It is a book about specifics from healthcare to wardrobe care.  One of the ladies said this,
“For me, a realistic intention for aging gracefully is a positive, grateful, forward-thinking approach to life and a belief in the inherent worth and dignity for all people.”
The women in this book understand in order to do more, you must begin with I MATTER.  Order Anne’s book HERE.  Then go enjoy all of the blogs of the Thursday Blog Hop!
Keep Smiling!
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  1. After reading this, I don't want to ever default to a form of simplicity/complacency! I know the danger of that is lurking, because it takes more effort to present ourselves well as we age. For me, having to come to work every day has kept me current. I do love fashion and I do take care of myself, but I also admit it would be easy to fall into that other mode, though I know I'd be disappointed in myself! I'll have to check this book out. I have "Staging Your Comeback" by Christopher Hopkins that is a very good book. One thing I notice in these books is that they almost exclusively feature short hair in the makeovers. I'm not ever going to be a short-hair woman, I can say that with certainty! Maybe this book is different, though the example shown above, while amazing, again features short hair. I was always told by my mom that once you got to be 'a certain age' (for her, 40's), you had to have short hair. What the heck? I tried it once, wonderful cut, and so very NOT me!!!! Karen

    1. Hi Karen, I always love what you add to the discussion. I will look for the Hopkins book. I just grew my hair back out and I am loving it and there are ladies in this book with longer hair. I just selected two to show who didn't and I did not really think about the hair. But thanks for bringing it up. Have a great day!

  2. What a huge before and after picture! This makes so much sense but sadly something I had forgotten in a while. I also have a problem with short hair and just grew mine back out after a disastrous decision to cut it off short. I would love to see some great long hairstyles in midlife women. Great article, loved it!

  3. Hello cute lady! Thank you for hosting such a fabulous party. Please take a moment to stop by our party. We would love to have one of your amazing posts at the party. Happy Thursday! Lou Lou Girls

  4. Yes, we do matter. I have a girlfriend, 60+, who admitted she's given up. I don't believe that. If we give up on the outside, we're damaging who we are on the inside. Love this book!

  5. Having worked full time all my life and not having had any children (well… a stepdaughter), prevented me from letting myself go. And probably also because I adore clothes and always have done. Plus, my job allowed me a lot of spending money. Still, I am very interested in make-overs because they never fail to amaze me.

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