Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement when I revealed my exciting news…I can fit back into my dress!  This is not just a journey about weight loss, but a journey toward good health.  Power snacks for weight wellness have played important roles and one of my favorite discoveries during this time has been YOPLAIT GREEK 100 for my morning snack…delicious and packed with power nutrients.   During each weekday, my students get a 10 minute snack time and my meal plan allows for a morning snack…so I join them with strawberry cheesecake, or key lime pie, or apple pie, or banana caramel…well,  the YOPLAIT GREEK 100 way, that is.

I usually select from one of the 20+ fun flavors of the 100 calorie snack and sit back to enjoy!  This has worked for these reasons:

. Greek Yogurt is very healthy and provides needed calcium
. My meal plan is 1200 calories and this fits right in with a great 100 calorie snack
. The number of flavors gives me variety
. I do not miss my favorite desserts when I have YOPLAIT GREEK 100…I love cheesecake and apple pie!
. 10-12 grams  of protein keeps the hunger away and helps me make it easily to lunchtime.  This provides the needed energy to make it through my busy days.
. 0% fat….controlling fat has been one of the successes of my weight wellness journey

Some days I want to mix things up a bit, and add power to my snacking.  I will take the entire snack up to 150 calories, and add toasted walnuts, blueberries, and sunflower seeds to my favorite flavor…love it with peach, strawberry or mango!

It is so good, and combines all of these power snack ingredients with Yoplait Greek 100.  I highly recommend this for snacking as you begin to re-think healthy eating for the New Year. Yoplait Greek 100 can really make a difference as it has for me.  There are so many great recipes for your snacks, just check out their PINTEREST BOARD  for great 150 calorie snack hack recipe ideas.

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Thanks to Yoplait for sponsoring today’s post and for introducing me to their yogurt.  The words in the review are completely my own.

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