Feeling Visible and Stylish on the Streets of LA

I have been pinching myself for the last week!  Could this all be happening?  Well, it did and was such a positive, fun experience from beginning to end.  This first picture is how I looked right after styling with Anna, and hair and makeup with Erika.  Three bloggers were selected for this promotion…and I cannot reveal specifics until the campaign breaks…but, can give you a general introduction to the process!  The other bloggers were Alexandra from FUN AND FIT and Antoinette from DE DIVA DEALS.
Here I am arriving at the trailer bright and early Saturday morning with Antoinette…they had catered breakfast and lunch from Beezo and the food was so good, healthy and very LA…meaning lots of healthy options with fruits and veggies! 
The attitudes of everyone from crew to client to bloggers was  impressive and fun.  All of these talented young adults were so positive and joyful the entire day…no matter what challenges were encountered…I have not worked with such a professional, positive, creative overall team in a long time.  Today’s young professionals rock!
I was smiling like this the entire day…they actually had to tell me to power-down the smile for a picture at one point!  So, the fun began with selecting what we would wear…then on to makeup and hair!
I wish Erika lived with me!  She did wonders with my hair using this large curling iron…which I have never tackled.  After teaching me a few things, I think I will purchase one soon!  Perhaps like this one, CURLING IRON.  One of her tips for the future, is the new Define-A-Lash Maybelline Mascara…she feels it is the best on the market right now!  You can find the product on this site, HERE!
Stylist Anna did something no one has done in years…she got me in heels!
And they were pretty comfortable.  We had to change them out occasionally with a fun pair of SAM EDELMAN BLACK FLATS, but I was able to wear and walk in them more than I thought I would.  The heels added so much height to me, we needed the flats for shots with all three bloggers together.
The ladies helped me to feel my stylish best and walking and shooting in front of Oscar de la Renta’s LA boutique felt very natural!!  Oh yes, actor Toby Maguire was lunching right by the Melrose Place portion of the shoot!  His appearance actually created a few challenges for our shoot.
A few more specifics.  My fun tunic top is VINCE CAMUTO.  Leggings are JOAN VASS and the leather booties are BP TROLLEY FROM NORDSTROM.  I began the day in a necklace from WALMART and ended the day in a scarf from NORDSTROM
Come back Thursday to meet the other bloggers and hear more of the outrageous things we said and did…see the shock on our faces? We were a shocking trio!
I am definitely in an LA State of Mind!
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Happy Monday, all!


  1. you look amazing Pam, what an adventure and it must have felt fun to be pampered like that and feel like a celebrity!! I love the Define a Lash mascara actually- thats the main one I use on a day to day basis and love it!! Cant wait to hear whats next for you- and how this experience will have a ripple effect ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I've been waiting for this updated post. So happy to hear and see how successful your trip and adventure went. It was well deserved. You do look so very very happy, no need to ever tone down that beautiful smile.

  3. This looks like it was an experience of a lifetime. And I would think just what you needed for a fun break! Good for you for living your dream Pam. You continue to be an inspiration! Karen

  4. What a great opportunity. It looks as though you all had a very good time. And the weather looks fabulous. Thanks for the pics. Some cute items there! I like those healed boots.

  5. Sounds like you had a great time. I look forward to hearing more. I'm glad California treated you well. You were here when the weather was superb!

  6. So happy for you! You look fabulous. See now why everyone is always flashing those bright smiles in So Cal? Its the atmosphere, the …..oh just all ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much…enjoy Pam!!! Xo, Sabina | Oceanblue Style

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