Clearista: The Age Spot Zapper!

I understand many of you read this blog in the morning, so I will spare you pictures and too graphic of details….
But, I have an age spot on my hip, I fondly call THE SPACE SHIP.  In fact, due to its size and overall ugliness I was shocked when I found out it is not cancerous…it just looks like it should be!
I have loathed it for some time now…so, when CLEARISTA asked to send a sample of their product, I was game!

The CLEARISTA RETEXTURIZING GEL contains a scientifically proven and patented formula to improve the appearance of aging skin like sunspots, benign skin growths, and discolorations.  They advertise, “with frequent use, the water-based gel reduces the appearance of a wide range of raised and/or pigmented skin imperfections, including rough skin bumps, rough or dry patches, and discoloration.  It also helps to hydrate and smooth the skin.”  It is for external use only.

I understand you just have to take my word for it…since I do not wish to include pictures…but, the space ship is now a small drone (my goal is to take it to a hand glider)!  I have been using the product twice a day for a little over a month!

It works…pain free…no mess…it works!  And, though the rest of the world really doesn’t see it…I just feel better to know the space ship is not growing.  

Previously the Skincential products were only available at esthetic professionals like your dermatologist or medi-spa, but now you can purchase them for in-home use.  In fact, they are offering my readers a 15% discount …just enter the code, CLEAR2015, at the checkout.   You can purchase the product HERE

Stay warm and Keep Smiling!

Disclaimer:  This product was provided to me from Clearista, but the words and result observations are completely my own. 


  1. Sounds like a good thing to have in the arsenal of products! I have those things too, that you describe, and learned the same thing – they are not cancerous, just unsightly. There are a lot of products that claim to diminish the spots, but since you have given this one a thumbs up, I'm certainly going to look into this one. Karen

  2. Interesting. I would love to give this a try because a tiny spaceship of my own just cropped up and I find it annoying.

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