GEO MATTRESS: Beauty Sleep Provider

Shhhh…don’t wake my husband!  This is usually where he is after I get up to shut off the alarm at 4:08 A.M.

A typical weekday
for me, at age 61, consists of
4:08 A.M… Wake-up, Feed cat, dress in workout clothes, drink one coffee, wash face, go
through a series of stretch exercises and watch morning headlines
5:00 A.M… At
the gym.  Two days a week, I do strength
training with my trainer, BZ and a group of friends.  Other days, cardio on a treadmill.
7:00 A.M.  At my desk in my classroom to begin my day.
4:00 P.M.  If I do not have an event to cover after
school or an appointment, I am home by this time most days to work on my blog
and blog business.
8:30 or
9:00 P.M.  In bed!  (occasionally as late as ten, but not on the
nights before the strength training which still wipes me out!)
Yes, I am
really busy and need a good night’s rest. 
It is so important for my health, state-of-mind, and to keep a youthful,
joyful countenance.  A great night’s
sleep is difficult for many women, and I have experienced all of those restless
nights during menopause and worrisome times. 
I tell you all of this to let you know why I jumped at the chance to
“test drive” a GEO MATTRESS, and welcome them as a new sponsor for this blog.  Our
mattress was aging and we had begun the discussion of where to go next with
this need.
GEO delivered the answers with a wonderful, memory foam mattress.  Here are the highlights:
  • From the makers of the Geo-Matt mattress topper, the Geo-Mattress was originally researched and designed for use in medical facilities. Now, for the first time, it’s available direct to the consumer via our WEBSITE
  • First 2” – 4 lb. memory foam with Geo-Matt surface design.  Surface features hundreds of adjustable cells with wider cells in the torso area and narrower cells in the head and foot (AKA zoned pressure relief). 
  • 2” – transitional Energex layer.  Often referred to as “Visco with a bounce” it’s a more resilient alternative to traditional memory foam that prevents excessive sinking.
  • 4-8” – firm polyurethane base.  Geo-cut air channels enhance breathability. 
  • Zip-top cover is easily removed and tossed in the washing machine. 
  • Available in an 8”, 10” and 12” depth with various cooling features.
  • 12” model is infused with PCM (Phase Change Material) gel chips that absorb and release heat to maintain a cool sleep environment.  Cover is also treated with PCM microcapsules. 
  • 10” model is infused with cool gel swirl. Cover is made with CoolMax fabric which you might find in sports apparel. 
  • Each model comes with firm sidewalls for edge of bed support.  In other words, when you’re sitting on the side of the bed trying to tie your shoes, the mattress isn’t just going to compress to nothing and make you fall forward. 
Ours came directly to our house and my husband and I are both so pleased with it…not to mention better rested!
If you would like to know more, click on the advertisement at the top of the sidebar and remember, you get a special discount with the code.  Getting the right mattress and a good night’s sleep is so important…for our joy and to look out youthful best!  Thanks to GEO for supporting all of us midlife ladies and gents!
Happy Sunday, all!
Disclaimer:  I was provided a mattress for compensation for a post and advertisement.  The words in the review are my own.


  1. Nothing like a really good mattress. We ended up paying way more for ours than we ever have before and said that it was one of the best investments we've ever made.

  2. Nothing like a good night's sleep, indeed.. and a great mattress is a must! The problem I have is that Hubby and I don't benefit from the same mattress style…I like a cloud/comfy feel while he like sleeping on concrete… lol

  3. It's funny that I am reading this today because I didn't sleep a wink all night! Literally tossing and turning all night long. I have RA and a bad night's sleep often snowballs into a huge monster of swollen joints, aches and pains and then the infections start. We have been through so many mattresses in the last four years trying to find one that I can be comfortable on. I even went so far as to sleep on an air mattress bed for a couple of months. I think we have been through 4 in the last four years!

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