“I often meet people who have been misled, thinking that success depends solely upon talent or brilliance or education. Some think it is getting the breaks, pulling the right strings, having the right personality, or being in the right place at the right time. No, the thing that makes for greatness is determination, persisting in the right direction over the long haul, following your dream, staying at the task..  Just as there is no such thing as instant failure, neither is there automatic or instant success.  But success is the direct result of a process, that is long, arduous, and often unappreciated by others.  It also includes a willingness to sacrifice. But it pays off if you stay at the task.” (Living Above Mediocrity by Chuck Swindoll)

This past weekend, I met some amazing women.  Women who know the true meaning of the word…perseverance. 

Women who refused to let their circumstances or place in life hold them back.  But, broke down barriers to go forward.

Women who said, “I will not let a diagnosis stop me…I will use it to help others.”

Women who believe age is just a number and they will overcome it to accomplishment big feats…even if it means having courage, working hard, and taking risks to go forward. It’s not over til it’s over, girls.  Making a difference requires diligence and vision to be successful…to begin a movement and fulfill a dream…

All of them have a story of overcoming the odds…all of them had a moment where they had to decide I MATTER, in order to help others and experience joy.  And, not one, is done yet!

I will bring you one story which particularly touched my heart, next week on #IMATTER day!  You will love her…and we think she is on the cusp of all of America loving her!  She dreams and perseveres and works very hard. 


What is it you want to do? Are there barriers to overcome? Please share and then go enjoy the bloggers of the Thursday Blog Hop!

Have a Thursday full of smiles!

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