I understand by writing this type of blog, I am agreeing to hear all of your thoughts.  I try to look at criticism as constructive, so when a reader has persisted with constant comments (10 to date) that my hair is aging me (says it is the equivalent of a dark overcoat worn all of the time), I went straight to my girlfriends…the ones who will tell me what they really think. 

They confirmed they liked it longer and darker…but as I left, I was struck with the thought… I really do not need their confirmation, because I LIKE IT!

Most of my life, my hair has been long…in my youth, really long.  After my makeover at age 50, I decided to try some shorter cuts.  However, I have never really felt comfortable with them.  So, this past year, I began to grow it out…to at least shoulder length.  It makes me smile…I feel more like me with longer hair, my bangs, and my color.  For now…this is the me I want to see in my mirror. 

My journey has been about getting my style to where I look the way I want and with what makes me feel confident and joyful. 

My heart goes out to FAITH HILL who was creamed by many after the Oscars for her new short-do…she looks fabulous no matter what she does…and if you like it Faith…keep wearing it!

I do not know why we feel the need to comment on other women’s hair.  There are amazing women past 50 who look good with short or really long hair (Such as YASMINA ROSSI, model and Photographer)
But, please notice…Faith, Yasmina, and I are all smiling….and I represent the every day woman here.  Smiling is the way I say I MATTER.  It is the best accessory we wear and why I have done a Pinterest Board called NEVER FULLY DRESSED WITHOUT A SMILE.
So many fashion shows and shoots depict somber, serious, depressing expressions…but our best looks are with a big, bold, beautiful smile.  That is the way to look youthful and in style.
Wear it everyday…and wear your hair the way YOU like! And, I am so sorry to inform the one making constant comments…for now, it is not going to change.  But, I reserve the right to change MY mind at any time…I am a woman after all.

Tomorrow I am off to Nashville, TN to join other midlife bloggers at BAM, the first national blogging conference just for us!  I cannot wait to meet inspiring women, learn, and join others as speakers for this flagship event.  Of course, I will share all of it with you!

Now, please go read or hop on with the hundreds of bloggers in our Thursday Blog Hop…it is so much fun!

Congratulations to Becky Davis, winner of the beautiful Crown Yourself bracelets from Tamera Beardsley Designs!

Have a HAPPY Thursday!

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