The Hope of Spring!

Pictures inside usually mean outside is a mess!  Even in South Texas, we have experienced a colder, wetter winter than we have had in a long time. Meteorologists say the back to back to back storms have been unprecedented and historical.  I join with many of you as we enter March…hoping Spring will shine soon.

The best part of the end to any season is a great clearance sale…and they have been everywhere.  This eggplant duster was on a clearance rack at CHICOS and is a part of their TRAVELERS COLLECTION…which does not wrinkle, and travels well.  I love purple and wear it often! This is a great piece to have as transitions begin from winter to spring.

Please join me on Wednesday for a discussion about Spring 2015 and necklaces.  Here I have mixed two for an elongated, creative look.  I keep my necklaces in two large hatboxes in zip lock bags.  These accessories are worth holding on to over time…more so than clothes.

I do not know if you can tell…but our dogwoods are blooming…they think it is spring!  Just doesn’t feel like it.  But, as always, I will grin and bear it…with a smile.
I do have some fun giveaways going on….make sure you enter these:

Fashion Flash Now Live!

Our wonderful hostess this week is Jodell…find her and other great fashion and beauty posts HERE!  Enjoy!
Stay warm and hopeful for Spring, everyone!


  1. You look wonderful in that color! Love the style and how you paired it with the blue.
    I, too, anxiously await some sign of spring. Right now in Ohio we are buried under feet and feet of snow, have not seen the ground in two months (I'd settle for brown grass) and no end in sight. Coming into the parking lot at work I felt I was driving through a tunnel, the snow is so high on the sides of the street. This has been a very cold and brutal winter here and I will be so glad to see ANY type of buds anywhere!! Karen

  2. I really like that duster! Love the length and the color. Looks great on you! I am interested in clothes that travel well so I'll have to check that out! Same here about wishing for Spring. We have had a WINTER this year in Kentucky. I recently spent 13 days snowed in! I loved it, but…now I'm ready for warm weather!!! Debbie @

  3. Pam, I have to tell you how much I'm loving your necklaces. I'm wanted to try multiple strands and layers but haven't found the right combination yet. Yours is great. BTW, the duster is gorgeous on you. #shoeandtell

  4. Pam,this is a lovely colour combination.The duster jackets always are perfect on you and this one is no exception.Hope your weather improves soon.

  5. Gorgeous outfit, Pam. I too love this color combo. I like your indoor photos very much. Your home is beautiful and I like this view of your staircase.

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