Tom Ford Beauty: A Unique Shopping Experience

Recently, I attended an eye-opening event…well, actually, an event which opened all of my senses.  Saks Fifth Avenue (in North Star Mall) hosted an evening with Tom Ford Fragrance.
As little girls, we learned perfumes are sold in Disney Boxes…as teens we bought our favorite pop star version…as adults, we wind our way through endless department store aisles and spray mist after mist on our arms and wrists.

Never have I experienced fragrance through the taste of fine chocolates and appreciation of the spices and ingredients selected for each scent.  The milk chocolate held by this gorgeous lady is a truffle handpicked by Tom Ford himself at a chocolate boutique in New York and through the touch of honey and rum in the candy, our sense of smell was heightened to single out the same ingredients in his new VELVET ORCHID.  The aroma was clear, deep and significant.

Each candy delivered a new scent of spices, florals, fruits, and honey. I was amazed how the candy changed the aroma from one fragrance.
Velvet Orchid is an uber-feminine, lighter, flirtatious version of TOM FORD’S BLACK ORCHID, developed for any woman ready to capture the attention of the room she enters.  He could not find the perfect flower, so now grows his own in Santa Barbara.  The original features black vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, and black raisins.  It is so deep and rich, the fragrance is worn by as many males as females.  Thus, the need for the new lighter version which keeps the warm dark base, but adds lighter spices.  What is amazing in this presentation is how with each candy, we could smell the individual ingredients in a new way. 

It was the first time I smelled a fragrance deeply and understood how sensual a selection could be. Tom Ford likes his choices to be mood setters…and they are.

From his Private Blend, I could actually smell the breezes from the Italian Riveria foliage and fruit trees in  NEROLI PORTOFINO and through Tobacco Vanille  I could pick out the vanilla, tobacco, spices and rich leathers of a London smoking club.  I think my favorite is OUD WOOD, I just could not breathe it in deep enough and I wanted to remain in that place. It was unlike any fragrance I have ever tried and given a spicy touch with Chinese Black Pepper.  This is a sensual adult fragrance the way it was meant to be…purchased for  how it heightens all of our senses through individual special details hand selected by the designer…there are no cheesy gimmicks here.
I so enjoyed the experience, which just had to end with Tom Ford Lipstick.  I see products advertised everywhere as being like butter.  But, until this lipstick, I had not met one which lived up to the claim.

Tom Ford sells no lip liners because the pigmentation from the lipstick is so rich, it does not spread beyond the lips into those territories we all hate.  I completely understand now why so many bloggers will purchase Tom Ford lipstick as their reward and special treat.  It is wonderful.

For those in San Antonio, who would like to experience any Tom Ford product, just contact Maria at

She will be happy to help you out and there might even be chocolates and champagne in the deal!

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!

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  1. Well-written, Pam! I could almost taste the chocolates and definitely smell the scents! I've heard great things about the Tom Ford line of cosmetics and now I guess the perfumes are worth checking out too. Thanks for the reviews!

  2. I'm captivated by your perfume experience, sounds like one of those experience of a lifetime events. I'm quite impressed that when he couldn't find the perfect flower he grew his own. That's true dedication to his vision.

  3. This sounds like an amazingly intoxicating, sensory delight. I love the sound of the Velvet Orchid!! He is such a perfectionist in all that he does…a true master. Thanks Pam. I'll let you know which one I get. BTW…I just ordered a Kimono:)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh wow, oh wow. I'm not usually the jealous type, but this post really did it for me. I love perfume and I am absolutely ruled by my nose. And this mixture of taste and scent! I'm going to call Saks here in NYC and see if they're doing something like that here. Will also look into the lipstick. I have bad lip lines, and I hope this might work. Super good writing too. Thanks


  5. I love the cosmetics and fragrances Tom Ford creates; he is a serious perfectionist. I wear his perfume London (naturally!) which also has a lot of oud in it. A little known fact is that Charlotte Tilbury created his cosmetics line for him, so if you like his things, you'll probably like hers as well (I do, anyway).

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