What I Learned (and Wore) at BAM!

 Good conferences hit all of us in different places.  Sometimes it’s the gut or over the head.  Sometimes in the heart.  They are informative, inspirational, network
builders, and door openers. BAM was such a conference. 

The information hit me over the head, and the
relationships touched my heart.

For me, the main word I took away is MORE.
There is so much MORE I need to be doing to find my
audience, build my audience and properly inform my audience.  There are MORE places I can submit writing…and
there are books inside of me ready to come out.  There is
MORE to do to build my own brand.  I was honored to share what I have learned, but really took away much, much MORE:

The future is
video.  (I have known this for some time
but not had it at the top of the list) It must move to the top soon.
My use of Facebook
must be more unique…conversational…and innovative.  And it is worth it to occasionally pay to boost a post.
My use of Twitter
should also be more unique.

My audience is on Pinterest…work it more and be smart about how to work it.
I need to format a
real media kit.
Don’t let the Perfect
be the enemy of the good.
Take risks…they can
only say NO!

Honestly, I know all of this…but often get overwhelmed.  My day job…journalism teacher…has its own
long list.  The new word must be
PRIORITIZE and move beyond the blog.  I need to develop a plan to make all of this work and not let it affect what I already

It’s Spring Break for this teacher…so I have time to
process, prioritize and be thankful to those who are pushing me forward.  More to learn, more to do, and more to give
me joy as I serve you, my audience.

Tomorrow, I will introduce you to those who inspired…they
all say I MATTER in different ways. Now, what I wore the day of the conference was a new top I love; however, it is linen, so it did have an occasional wrinkle by the end of the day.  But, one of our fearless leaders went home and ordered the top!!  Now we can be twins…though she is in California, and I in Texas!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I had such an awesome time I just wish I had felt better! Thanks so much for all you've done for me to get ready for this! I am wondering if I could use some of your pictures of the Gaylord for a post on my travel blog. Mine didn't turn out so hot. I will give you full credit and link to your blog of course. If you don't mind would you email them to me at rm29303@gmail.com? If you don't have time to fool with it that's okay too!

  2. One of my regrets, as you know, is not having a chance to sit down to chat with you. But I adored meeting you – you sparkle! I also loved your tops (cocktail party and the one above). I need your advice! Coming to Dallas in a month and need to know what to pack – it's casual. Help!

    You are a bright light in our group, Pam Yay! xo

  3. Gorgeous top and green is so on trend according to the blogasphere. Thanks for the tips. Growing a regular interactive audience is all I'm looking for. I have an audience not huge but I would be happy with just 5 interactive ones. Oh well plod on.

  4. It is wonderful to be immersed for a couple of days, and take home good ideas. You look radiant in green, Pam – just lovely! xo

  5. You are MORE, Pamela! I look forward to more MORE when you take the next step…I can only imagine how much prioritization you do now, so you are going to be even more of a force to reckon with when you put all you've learned to task. Congrats on your part in BAM! Wishing our spring break were during the event…but there's always next year! 🙂

  6. A darling and very chic outfit Pam! Love that you took away so much from the conference. IMHO there is just too much social media to be the best at all of it. Truly the hours it takes!! I know it is important but how much is too much?!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. You have an early spring break. My husband is a high school teacher with his break in another two weeks. So glad I got to meet you in person and hear you speak. You are already MORE and PERFECT!

  8. Hey, we look GOOD together, lady! -)
    I'm going to bookmark this post because I couldn't take notes and you've summed it all up so beautifully. And you gave me the light-bulb-take-away moment of the day. I went to BAM to see if I could work smarter to compensate for my physical limitations – and I can. I left feeling like an accepted member of a great community of women. That was a bonus!


  9. Sounds like such a fabulous experience and one I hope to have soon too! I haven't done a media kit yet and my one try at video was a disaster, but maybe I'll think about trying again! I didn't realize that you're a teacher too. No wonder I like you and your blog so much! (I teach high school English).
    Dawn Lucy

  10. You looked great during the entire time, Pam! And thank you for summarizing those lessons so well. I have a lot of prioritizing too, lots to work on, but I will do my best this time not to be weighed down by the expectation of perfection. :-)))

  11. Wow. You overwhelm me. You have so much drive and energy and this conference obvious has you striving to do more. Amazing. Can it be packaged and taken in small doses? What do you eat for breakfast? Is it a secret formula? Lol! You're simply amazing! This was a great motivational post! Thank you!
    Judi at Blue Cat Review

  12. No wonder that lady ordered your top. It is so good. I love the colour and especially on you. (On me too by the way.) And it is so nice, loose and elegant. Your hair and this top compliment each other.
    PS… I am trying not to create such a list. For me it has to remain a hobby. If it starts being "work" it isn't nice anymore.

  13. Hi Pam,
    Just catching up a bit with my blog friends. I love that look on you, such a pretty color with your hair. It sounds like this was a meaningful experience for you. It's so important to reach out and take those risks. Thanks for sharing what you learned. I love blogger 'shares'. There is so much to learn about the whole concept. You and I are both in our careers during the daytime so prioritizing is a must. I just started my spring break today-Yay-and it's off to Mexico for a little vacation time tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your break! 🙂
    xx, Heather

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