Good conferences hit all of us in different places.  Sometimes it’s the gut or over the head.  Sometimes in the heart.  They are informative, inspirational, network
builders, and door openers. BAM was such a conference. 

The information hit me over the head, and the
relationships touched my heart.

For me, the main word I took away is MORE.
There is so much MORE I need to be doing to find my
audience, build my audience and properly inform my audience.  There are MORE places I can submit writing…and
there are books inside of me ready to come out.  There is
MORE to do to build my own brand.  I was honored to share what I have learned, but really took away much, much MORE:

The future is
video.  (I have known this for some time
but not had it at the top of the list) It must move to the top soon.
My use of Facebook
must be more unique…conversational…and innovative.  And it is worth it to occasionally pay to boost a post.
My use of Twitter
should also be more unique.

My audience is on Pinterest…work it more and be smart about how to work it.
I need to format a
real media kit.
Don’t let the Perfect
be the enemy of the good.
Take risks…they can
only say NO!

Honestly, I know all of this…but often get overwhelmed.  My day job…journalism teacher…has its own
long list.  The new word must be
PRIORITIZE and move beyond the blog.  I need to develop a plan to make all of this work and not let it affect what I already

It’s Spring Break for this teacher…so I have time to
process, prioritize and be thankful to those who are pushing me forward.  More to learn, more to do, and more to give
me joy as I serve you, my audience.

Tomorrow, I will introduce you to those who inspired…they
all say I MATTER in different ways. Now, what I wore the day of the conference was a new top I love; however, it is linen, so it did have an occasional wrinkle by the end of the day.  But, one of our fearless leaders went home and ordered the top!!  Now we can be twins…though she is in California, and I in Texas!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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