Chadwick’s..Clothes with Great Fit!

One of my goals for 2015 is to wear more garments which fit my body better.  I am amazed at the confidence boost a great fit provides.  I have hidden for so long, it always takes a bit more courage to step out of my comfort zone and not hide behind too many oversized styles.

CHADWICK’S sent me the dress and the blue blouse and both are such a good, slimming fit.  The fabrics are cool and soft, and I know will wear well throughout the summer.

This PRINT KNIT FAUX WRAP DRESS which hits just under the bustline is very slimming and so comfortable.  It will be perfect for graduations coming up.

I felt such a boost of confidence when I first saw how well this FLORAL BLUE BLOUSE fits.  I know I will style it in many ways and it has a great print! It is sleeveless and will be very cool for summer professional wear.

Check out CHADWICK’S HERE…they have some wonderful styles for spring and summer!


NOTE:  I know I have been placing the video here, but I believe I am going to move them to Saturdays, to give more time to watch a 5-7 min video blog.  So, look for #4 this coming Saturday!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

DIsclaimer:  Chadwick’s provided the garments, and I wrote my own words!


  1. Pam both garments are gorgeous but the dress is fabulous. I love the fit and it is very flattering. And the cut and the colour of the blouse is perfect for you. I have also learnt over the past few years just how important fit is and good fit is now a deal breaker when I am purchasing new clothes. And you figure is lovely so you should show it off:)

  2. Wow Pam I adore your new dress. How do you feel about the quality of the Chadwick's line.
    Love a wrap dress, so flattering!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Brad Oliphant

  3. Thanks for asking, Karena. I have three Chadwicks garments and all are great quality. I love this knit in the dress…doesn't wrinkle and is so comfortable. Their finishing is excellent. Always happy to see you!

  4. I don't think the large patterned dress does as much for you as the other outfit. Even though you are slim. For some reason your waist looks small in the pants and jacket but not so much in the dress. Interesting optical illusion and a great demonstration of how patterns work. I think that dress would work better with a black jacket or sweater that hits below waist.

  5. As usual, stunning! You are right. We could all use to wear things that really fit our bodies vs. just hang off our shoulders. Time to go through my closet and take your advice!

  6. I love the blouse on you. The color is really flattering. I used to buy Chadwick's garments quite a lot. Not sure why I stooped, but I'll have to have a peek again. Enjoy your day!! xoxo

  7. You look fabulous in the faux wrap dress. I agree with your comment about purchasing items that are better for one's body type. Once I started following this concept, no more missed purchases. I purchase what works for me.

  8. I really like the faux wrap dress. That is one of my favorite clothing items because it feels comfy and seems to flatter. It looks fantastic on you!

  9. Pam, the dress is so beautiful on you. I'd forgotten all about Chadwick's. Will have to check them out. And I'm so glad you linked up with the Style Me Bloggers today!

  10. I totally understand what you're talking about. I have spent years hiding as well but I'm trying not to anymore. Clothes that fit well and touch my body can be a little difficult for me.

  11. What a good choice to wear that beautiful black and white wrap with some pop of red. You will turn heads. The blue blouse might be very good, but I cannot see enough of it to say anything about it. But as you say, it will return on this blog.

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